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Good plan, I can't wait the final results :)
The diet is very tasty and the workouts for the beginners are well adjusted. You can see the results from day to day. Great!
Very differentiated and healthy diet, I recommend it, the workouts are also fine
Good food, fast and easy to prepare. I recommend it! I'm very happy with the training, I can already see some effects.
It works - that's the most important :D
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Good advice

Are you often hungry between your meals? Watch out for the carbs!

Do you know a proverb "the more you eat, the more you want to eat"? It describes perfectly the situation of an excess amount of refined carbs intake. Glucose-insulin interaction disorder and lowering the sensitivity of receptors that read the signals sent from insulin and leptin hormones leads to the deregulation of hunger control mechanisms. The reason may be excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

Are you older than 30? Take care of your lipids profile!

It occurs, that lipids problems affect younger people, what's more, you don't have to be overweight to have such problems. When you are older than 30, you have to check your lipids profile regularly. You can get the referral from your family doctor or you can also it privately. Lipids metabolism disorder is linked with circulatory system diseases.

You feel like eating something sweet? Make it yourself!

Available in shops confectionery is the source of refined sugar and other unwanted compounds such as hydrogenated vegetable fats, artificial aromas, dyes, etc. The alternative is to prepare sweet snacks at home using wholemeal flour, bitter cocoa, cinnamon rich in phenol compounds, natural sweeteners, bran, nuts and other valuable ingredients. It is a much better option.

Do you experience uncontrolled gluttony attacks? Don't ignore it, go to the doctor's!

Perhaps you suffer from binge-eating disorder! Similarly to anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders, this one needs treating. If the periods of uncontrolled eating are very sudden and are accompanied by losing consciousness, specialist's help is compulsory!

You want to lose weight so you don't eat supper? It's not a good idea!

A common belief that in order to lose excess weight you shouldn't eat meals after six p.m., has no support in a form of research. Nobody has proved that this method is beneficial, and you can see in real life that it can be a burden. Instead of concentrating on the time of supper, pay attention to what you can find on your plate during the day and in the evening. The quality of the food you eat influences the effectiveness of slimming procedures much more that the times of meals.

Facts and myths

Overweight and obese people are happier than slim people.

The stereotype of a "happy fatty" is very popular, although it has no explanation. It occurs, that overweight and obese people suffer from depression (atypical depression) more often than others, and lowering body weight may be an effective way of supporting conventional therapy.

Laughter regulates glucose level in the blood.

People who laugh often are less prone to insulin-glucose balance disorder. What's more, even a one-time laughter influences the level of sugar in the blood positively. It may be very important for people suffering from type 2 diabetes and all the people threatened with such a disorder. This fact should be also interesting for all the people who want to lose weight, as the normalization of blood glucose level makes it easier to reduce spare fat.

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