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Read few of the 685 opinions of the clients!

Veeeeery tasty and quite cheap diet! It's really worth spending few pounds a month to eat healthy food and change the body for better! :) great contact with a dietitian and trainer ! A plus !
Differentiated meals, tasty, and I'm hardly able to eat 4 of them. I've never eaten as much as for the last year - but my weight achieved the assumptions and stopped, as if it was magic :-) Great way of eating. Training is very well matched as for no contact with the trainee. It's important to watch the films and not do the most common mistakes - then the exercises are really effective and when you finish your workout, you know you've been exercising. ;-) I recommend to all the connection of diet (right way of nutrition) with training plan and I wish you persistence!
The effects of diet and training are awesome. I've already tried out many pseudo diets and fat burners myself. All of that is rubbish. The effects of a well-balanced diet and training are much better and you don't ruin your health!
It works - that's the most important :D
The diet is very tasty and the workouts for the beginners are well adjusted. You can see the results from day to day. Great!
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Good advice

Do you want to improve recovery? Sleep longer!

The best recovery remedy is not BCAA, glutamine, HMB or ZMA, but sleep. Long, not interrupted and in appropriate conditions. It is hard to recover after hard training if you sleep 4, 5 or 6 hours. The best sleep length is about 8 hour per day, however it is good to sleep even longer from time to time. Unfortunately, many active people neglect sleep, going to long-night parties, sitting late in front of a computer, sleeping with the lights or a TV on. This way the recovery time is a problem and the progress is slower.

You want to lose weight so you don't eat supper? It's not a good idea!

A common belief that in order to lose excess weight you shouldn't eat meals after six p.m., has no support in a form of research. Nobody has proved that this method is beneficial, and you can see in real life that it can be a burden. Instead of concentrating on the time of supper, pay attention to what you can find on your plate during the day and in the evening. The quality of the food you eat influences the effectiveness of slimming procedures much more that the times of meals.

Do you want to have a six-pack by this summer? Start right now!

Even though it seems a long time until summer, you should remember that it is impossible to attain an aesthetically built figure in just two weeks. It is worth to start reaching your goals as soon as possible, even better - now, by changing your eating habits and introducing a well targeted physical activity.

Do you want to boost your metabolism - eat more!

If you use slimming diets in a long term, slowing down the metabolism is its inevitable consequence. Although there are supposed to be many methods which would boost the metabolism, one of the best solutions is definitely - increasing the energy supply. It is sometimes enough to stop the slimming diet for a few days and enhance the calories amount of your menu to obtain a satisfying effect in a form of speeding up the metabolism.

Are you older than 30? Take care of your lipids profile!

It occurs, that lipids problems affect younger people, what's more, you don't have to be overweight to have such problems. When you are older than 30, you have to check your lipids profile regularly. You can get the referral from your family doctor or you can also it privately. Lipids metabolism disorder is linked with circulatory system diseases.

Facts and myths

Laughter regulates glucose level in the blood.

People who laugh often are less prone to insulin-glucose balance disorder. What's more, even a one-time laughter influences the level of sugar in the blood positively. It may be very important for people suffering from type 2 diabetes and all the people threatened with such a disorder. This fact should be also interesting for all the people who want to lose weight, as the normalization of blood glucose level makes it easier to reduce spare fat.

If you eat more often, you increase metabolism.

There is no proof to support this thesis, that eating five or six meals a day instead of three or four will cause the increase of metabolism. Changing your daily plan, neglecting other duties in order to follow this tip is not necessary to improve metabolism and make fat burning faster.

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