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Good plan, I can't wait the final results :)
Everything is described in a good way, the option of printing is great. I recommend it.
Very differentiated and healthy diet, I recommend it, the workouts are also fine
The diet is well composed. I think the workouts are like copy/paste. Day by day I have training on the same body parts, even as for my knowledge, it's a mistake. I keep on doing my job, but I'm still surprised :(
Yes, I can see the results, I stick to the plan and it really works
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Good advice

Do you want to improve recovery? Sleep longer!

The best recovery remedy is not BCAA, glutamine, HMB or ZMA, but sleep. Long, not interrupted and in appropriate conditions. It is hard to recover after hard training if you sleep 4, 5 or 6 hours. The best sleep length is about 8 hour per day, however it is good to sleep even longer from time to time. Unfortunately, many active people neglect sleep, going to long-night parties, sitting late in front of a computer, sleeping with the lights or a TV on. This way the recovery time is a problem and the progress is slower.

Are you afraid of the yo-yo effect? Use common sense when dieting!

People who use "instant diets" from full-colour newspapers and magazines or base their diet on their friends' or their own ideas, are prone to the yo-yo effect, which means coming back to the previous weight after finishing the diet. The alternative to the unwise reduction programmes is the rational approach, which introduces gradual change of eating habits for better as well as having consultation with diet and training specialists and other experienced people.

Don't treat diet seasonally!

If you care about the improvement of the quality of our menu and physical activity but you do it in fits and starts - you'll never achieve satisfactory and permanent effects. Many people start to care about the content on their plate only two weeks prior to their holidays or a family or company party. They are desperately looking for some fast methods that would correct their figure aesthetics, which usually ends up with a failure and has negative effect on their mood and health. Don't make this mistake and change you eating habits once for all choosing a healthy diet.

You feel like eating something sweet? Make it yourself!

Available in shops confectionery is the source of refined sugar and other unwanted compounds such as hydrogenated vegetable fats, artificial aromas, dyes, etc. The alternative is to prepare sweet snacks at home using wholemeal flour, bitter cocoa, cinnamon rich in phenol compounds, natural sweeteners, bran, nuts and other valuable ingredients. It is a much better option.

Do you want to have a six-pack by this summer? Start right now!

Even though it seems a long time until summer, you should remember that it is impossible to attain an aesthetically built figure in just two weeks. It is worth to start reaching your goals as soon as possible, even better - now, by changing your eating habits and introducing a well targeted physical activity.

Facts and myths

If you have good slimming supplements, you don't need any diet.

Unfortunately, none of the supplements are able to replace a well-balanced diet. Sadly, many people believe that if they use different capsules, tablets or powders, they will be able to build impressive body mass, or reduce fat and build their body without eating proper food. The reality is different, even advanced supplements are nothing without a well-balanced diet.

If I stop smoking, I will definitely put on weight.

It is true that many people who stop smoking put on weight, but you can prevent this process effectively. When you quit smoking, you should pay attention to a proper physical activity and change your nutrition habits. It is good to have healthy snacks nearby such as fruit, vegetables or nuts. You can also use a good specialist's advice or a qualified trainer, who can help to adjust your diet and training to the abilities and needs of yous body.

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