Pregnancy and slimming

Pregnancy is the time when a woman's body changes significantly and, although this process is completely natural, for many women it is a really big aesthetic problem. Women often cannot accept the changes in their appearance which are a natural consequence of the physiological state they are in. And when there are additional kilograms caused by inappropriate diet, some part of women decide to implement differentiated slimming procedures. In this article I will try to answer the most frequent questions concerning pregnancy and slimming.

Should a pregnant woman lose weight at all?

Unfortunately, both, classical slimming diet, as well as various alternative nutrition models used in order to lose weight, are not recommended during pregnancy. Insufficient amount of energy, as well as non-energetic nutrients may be dangerous for health and even sometimes life of the fetus, or it may at least cause inappropriate birth weight of the baby or disturb its further development. For example: popular low-fat slimming diets poor in polyunsaturated fatty acids may influence negatively the baby's intelect.

What should a woman, who thinks that puts on weigh too fast during pregnancy, do?

In such case, it's good to introduce so-called balanced diet, which is adjusted to individual needs. Such diet can be prepared by a qualified dietitian, but women who have more free time should spend some part of it on reading books and guidebooks dedicated to moms-to-be, such as “Eating for pregnancy”. There is a lot of information about balancing menu considering the demands of developing fetus. Following the tips from the book provides proper nutrition to the mother and the child, it is also part of prophylaxis of overweight and obesity.

What about supplements speeding up the process of losing weight? Are there any safe products which can be recommended to future moms?

Pregnancy is a contraindication to using any kinds of products making the process of fat reduction faster. Women who consume slimming supplements during that time are irresponsible and have to be aware of the fact that the consequences of such actions may be fatal. Even supposedly mild and harmful substances may be a threat for the developing fetus during pregnancy. All kinds of supplements, just like medicines, should be included in diet only after consulting a doctor (it also concerns vitamin products).

Can a pregnant woman do any sports?

If there are no complications during pregnancy, there is no problem to introduce physical effort. The benefits of physical activity include the influence on shape and the feeling of attractiveness, it may also prevent from some pregnancy ailments, it may even make the delivery easier. The fact of leading training needs consultation with a doctor, and the kind of exercises and their intensity should be agreed with a professional trainer.