A woman at the gym - a true story. Part II

At the beginning I visited the gym twice a week - always with discomfort and a stomach tied in a knot. I used to motivate myself with sayings like: "beauty is suffering" and "beauty is born from pain". I'll admit, though, that the key factor was how the instructor approached my humble self.

He was a pleasant guy, and even though he was ripped, he wasn’t a dull jock at all... At the beginning I was "getting acquainted" with the equipment, I was learning the techniques and breathing, and sometimes I grumbled when I had to do e.g. my tricepses. I didn't understand why was I supposed to train a part of the body that didn't look all that bad. I reckoned I should focus on my "flaws"  - the flabby tummy or flat bottom and that training my whole body was simply a waste of time. What was important - my trainer wasn't trying to over train me - he gradually increased the intensity of the training, changing the combination of the exercises. I did often feel sore, but at some point I learned to enjoy the burn (!!!).

I also educated myself on nutrition - I ditched the colorful magazines and miracle fads, and started to listen to my body and be reasonable about food. Oh, and I promised myself that I would never starve myself again and I'll never be a slave to the scales - you need to respect your body and not let yourself go crazy at the same time.  I cut down on sweets, but I've never let myself think that a candy bar in a time of dire need will ruin all my efforts in achieving the perfect figure. With time I learned to visit the gym more often - I learned to do squats and run at the treadmill without holding on to the rail (!). I trained hard, working on my legs, back, chest, biceps, tricepses, and other muscles which I couldn't even name. All this - of course - under the watchful eye of my trainer.

I noticed the first changes in my figure even before they appeared ;-) With maniacal stubbornness I stared at the mirror and checked if the fight against gravitation wasn't an exercise in futility. And what happened? Quite soon, after a couple weeks, both the lower and the upper part of the body looked better. The key points (booty and boobs) kind of perked up (despite gravity!), the shape of the body rejuvenated - my shoulders weren't as slumped, I could feel muscles on the still fat-covered stomach.

As a bonus I felt better - there is nothing that cleanses better your mind from disturbing thoughts than a bit of physical exercise. Paradoxically, being active also gives you more energy and improves your motivation to tackle everyday issues. That's how - quite inconspicuously - my adventure with the gym started. Within two years I completely remodeled my body - I got rid of the excess fat, I achieved the nimbleness and firmness I dreamed about. And even though I exercised intensely, I still do not have shoulders and pecs like the young Schwarzenegger. I'm happy, because I got rid of the insecurities I fought my whole life. And Mr. Thadeus sometimes chuckles under his breath when he hears my answer to the endless questions "but why do you exercise? You're slim anyway!".

I exercise because I like to.

To sum it up: gear up and go to the gym in quest for your perfect body. Believe me when I say: being determined in reaching your goals and a bit of effort really do make a difference.