Dietetic, nourishing pizza available in supermarkets?

I suppose, nobody thinks of pizza as healthy or dietetic food. One slice supplies, on average, 300 to 600 kcal, and the whole pizza may satisfy the energetic demand of a hard-training sports person! What's more, such dish, apart from containing huge doses of white flour and salt, also provides a lot of artificial flavour additives and sugar. However, perhaps people who have weakness towards pizza will be able to include it to their menu without any remorse!

Some time ago in British supermarkets a frozen pizza, of which the recipe was prepared by a Scottish dietitian, Mike Lean from the Glasgow University, occurred. What is so special about this dish? Unlike its conventional equivalents, pro-healthy, dietetic pizza contains less salt, saturated acids and that the average suggested portion to consume covers 30% of the daily demand of an adult person for majority of minerals and vitamins. The high concentration of micro components was possible to achieve thanks to large amount of vegetables and the addition of seaweeds rich in iodine.

Perhaps this, or other similar products, will also show up in other European countries. Taking under consideration the interest that the dietetic balanced pizza caused among the Britons, as well as remembering about the modern trends and the interest of the Western population in the health factor of foodstuffs on the one hand, and the search of ready-made fast solutions on the other, it should be assumed that such product could turn out to be the international hit. We just have to wait until someone has similar idea.

Those who wonder how such dietetic pizza tastes, I will only mention that during the tasting at the Festival of Science in Glasgow done with the participation of adults and children, 80% of the respondents declaired that such dish is at least as tasty, or even better than ordinary pizza. This result points that a fast-food dish available in supermarkets may be designed in a way to be healthy and tasty.


For some time now it is possible to notice quite an interesting trend, thanks to which the popular and liked, but not so healthy and of low value dishes and foodstuffs, are starting to have replacements of better quality. Whereas, this trend means no longer “leaning” food, or replacing table sugar with sweeteners or fructose, but including more studied, better procedures.

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