Report on aspartame

Aspartame is the most controversial synthetic sweetener or the market. None of such substances is better checked than this one. This sweetener is thought to be a poison among many people but there is no evidence in a form of scientific research which would support this thesis. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will publish a complete report on aspartame safety in May this year. What can be found there?

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Safe after all

Although the full report of the EFSA will be published in May, on the basis of current information it can be supposed that it will be favourable for the aspartame. At present safe dose is not more than 40 mg per body mass kilogram during 24 hours. It means that a 76-kilo man can consume 2800 mg of it. In order to intake such an amount, one can drink 3-5 litres of a drink sweetened with aspartame.


The most controversial is eating food containing aspartame during pregnancy. There was a research in Denmark some time ago, which showed that a regular consumption of drinks containing this sweetener by pregnant women may cause premature delivery. However, EFSA does not support that conclusion pointing out that majority of proofs does not confirm that dependency. They only underline that pregnant women suffering from phenylketonuria should definitely avoid aspartame because it's the source of amino acid - phenylalanine.

What does it mean?

It looks as though nothing is going to change in the matter of aspartame in foods and drinks. EFSA has considered this sweetener as safe for a long time. For the opponents of this theory, as well as for those who like conspiracy theories it will be another proof to state that EFSA is paid by big companies. For people who think rationally but still have doubts, this report should be a confirmation that aspartame is a safe substance and it does not cause more harm than other sweetening substances that are not the subject of films or histeric articles.


It should be remembered that the key to judge aspartame safety is its daily dose, which is 40 mg per body mass kilogram.  It's not so difficult to cross this limit knowing that it can be found everywhere and that people love eating sweet things. Nobody has prooved that aspartame is safe when eaten in unlimited amount. The matter of daily intake is the key here.

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