Caffeine and cellulite

Gynoid dystrophy, commonly known as "cellulite" is an aesthetic issue known to many women. Cellulite manifests as an accommodation of fat tissue in certain regions of the body and is related to changes in the connective tissue. Characteristic symptoms can be seen on the thighs, bottom and stomach.

Even though watching various commercials can lead you to the notion that there are many was of combating cellulite, the truth is that most of them are futile. There is no way of fending off cellulite once and for all. Most of the advertised cosmetics and capsules simply do not work, and the ones that do indeed do something - will not remove the problem completely, but only diminish the appearance of cellulite.

A group of scientists from the Dermatology Institute of the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro (Lupi et al.) has researched the effect of a 7% caffeine solution on the circumference of the things and hips. It turned out that a statistically valid effect in the form of a decrease in the circumferences was visible in 67,7 % of women (hips), while the thighs shrunk in an average of 80 % of participants.

Based on the above experiment we can conclude that cosmetics and formulas which contain caffeine are effective, and that the important aspect of their efficiency is the concentration of caffeine. If you take into account the high availability of natural caffeine sources, such as coffee, you can also venture to use the "home-made methods" of application through peelings and wraps.