How to expose the abdominal muscles? Ten dietary rules

If you want to get rid of fat encasing your hard-earned abdominal muscles, you need not only to properly plan your trainings, but also to think through your diet. Eating just anything without much care unfortunately will not help you achieve satisfactory results. You need iron rules which will give you clever and effective dietary hints, and allow to create the ideal environment for stealing from your organism these last well protected reserves of fat from around the waist.

Say no to highly processed food

Your food has to be as close to its "natural state" as possible. Fresh fish, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, eggs, good quality dairy products, water, herbal spices - are desirable components of your diet. Any source of refined sugar and fat are contraindicated.

Limit carbs intake

If you are not a person slim by nature, blessed with fast metabolism, the best choice in your case will be a diet assuming carbohydrate restrictions. The daily intake of the nutrient should be (depending on many factors) in the range of 30 to 120 g per day. The best time for consumption of carbs is the period just after workout and evening.

Fructose only from fruits

Fructose is a sugar of highest risk so be careful with it. The only acceptable form of this sugar is in fruits which should also be limited in amount. It would be best if you chose blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruits. Absolutely no juices, jams, mousses can be included in this category, not to mention even more processed sources of this sugar.

Start your day from a breakfast rich in fat and protein

Inclusion of a sound portion of protein in the first meal of a day helps to reduce appetite and promotes better energy expenditure. An omelette with vegetables, meat with nuts, salmon with spinach sauce, it's just a small selection of valuable items for breakfast. Breakfast, however, does not have to be eaten immediately after waking up.

Don't be afraid of fats

Fat is your friend and not an enemy. If you consume fat in your meals, you rearrange the body to use fat for energy production, so it will be easier for you to burn fat reserves. Remember, though, to choose good fat sources such as marine fish, eggs, coconut oil, good quality butter, walnuts, olive oil, avocado.

Pay attention to what you drink

Real life examples show that sometimes we unconsciously provide even 1000 kcal in liquid form by having not only colored, sweetened drinks but also alcohol, fruit juices, dairy drinks. You should drink bottled water, unsweetened tea, coffee, cocoa or vegetable juices. You can let yourself have a glass of dry wine from time to time.

Ensure adequate intake of fiber

The daily fiber intake at the level of 20 g is your minimum. Optimum is 30-40 g. Sources of this nutrient are mainly vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit. You ought to carefully choose cereal sources: small quantities of oats, rice, not roasted buckwheat are acceptable.

Pay attention to the intake of omega 3

Adequate intake of omega 3 fatty acids proves to have beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity and helps to burn fat reserves. Make sure that your diet includes oily sea fish 2-3 times a week, buy organic eggs rich in omega 3. If you cannot afford it, use supplements.

Remember about your after workout meal

What you eat after exercise is very important for the pace of post-workout recovery. The worse your regeneration, the less muscles you will build and the less fat you will burn. A portion of protein and carbohydrates, not necessarily in the form of supplements, but at least a well-balanced meal based on conventional foods is simply a must. You can addition enhance your meal with a portion of leucine.

Learn to rest

If you continue with slimming, you have already been successfully for some time but you have more frequent moments of doubt, slower progress, increased hunger and fatigue, perhaps you should give yourself some break. You can have a day off, eat more carbohydrates, but still pay attention to the quality of the food you have.