Bulletproof coffee: with butter and coconut oil

This idea is not a joke, a drink prepared with coffee, butter and MCT oil (or coconut oil) can be a great way to start your day or - a portion of additional energy before physical effort. Bulletproof coffee should particularly interest supporters of low-carb diets and intermittent fasting solutions. If you want to learn more about this unusual solution, you are welcome to read this article.

Where did the idea come from?

Let's face it: the idea of mixing coffee with a significant amount of fat should is definately not typical, and as you might guess this story has got its beginnings in specific circumstances. The main proponent of this way of serving coffee is Dave Asprey, the author of a blog about health and effective weight loss which advertises the concept of a "bulletproof diet". The author presents an improved version of the paleo diet. Dave Asprey came up with the idea of the controversial merger of coffee with butter while hiking in Tibet where commonly consumed is tea infusion with an addition of yak milk butter.

How to make a bulletproof coffee?

The recipe for the bulletproof coffee is not overly complex. The author recommends, however, careful selection of the type of coffee which will be then brewed. Instant coffee and all sorts of decaffeinated types will not be good for this experiment. The most recommended are specially selected coffee beans of arabica type - and preferably of the best quality. You should ground beans and prepare one cup of fresh brew. Then add one tablespoon butter or more. It is important that it is unsalted butter and milk is obtained from grass-fed cows. It does not have to be a butter obtained from the milk of yaks! The next step is adding MCT oil in the amount of about 15 grams. All ingredients should be put into a blender and blended until the coffee is homogenous. Note: it's difficult to obtain such an effect using only a spoon!

When should you drink it?

The author suggests having the bulletproof coffee instead of breakfast. Caffeine will provide long-lasting energy boost, while a large dose of fat (including medium chain fatty acids, easily changing into ketone bodies) efficiently inhibits appetite, which, combined with the elimination of carbohydrates from your meal, may exacerbate the process of body fat reduction (providing that you keep energy deficit). The benefits of infusion prepared this way may be good also before an exam, a job interview or other event that requires concentration and intellectual effort. After the bulletproof coffee the brain works surprisingly well!

Does regular consumption of bulletproof coffee guarantee success in permanent reduction of body fat?

Inclusion of this unusual drink in your menu but without any modifications of other meals and eating habits can reduce the weight-loss potential of this brew. Nevertheless, a cup of medium chain fatty acids coffee can - oddly enough - reduce the calorie intake during the day. A drastic reduction in carbohydrates and increased fat intake significantly reduces appetite, which is a scientific fact also used in other diets, such as for example ketogenic diet. The slimming potential of the bulletproof coffee will be destroyed, though, by addition of sugar, milk or a cookie.

To sum up

Bulletproof coffee is not entirely innovative invention; in many countries such as Tibet and Ethiopia there is a custom to drink infusions of coffee or tea with an addition of fat. Although the taste of the bulletproof coffee may initially seem difficult to accept, its enthusiasts argue that it is possible to like it, and even to become addicted to it. Some even suggest that after having such prepared brew, no other coffee will be able to replace it.

Sources: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/

Sources: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/