Five interesting facts about potatoes

What is the potato like - everyone can see. But rarely are we aware of actual value of these vegetables. Potatoes have won wide notority in the fitness world, and it is believed that a person who is trying to slim down should avoid them. However, such beliefs have no justification. You will soon realise that potatoes can be a valuable component of a healthy diet!

Potatoes have alkalescent effect

Our contemporary diet is rich in products of acid-forming properties, such as meat, sausages, eggs, cereal, rennet cheese. A high intake of acidifying products cumbers natural mechanisms regulating acid/base balance, leading for instance to disorders in work of some enzymes and increased loss of important minerals along with urine. As oposed to the popular cereal products, potatoes have alkali-creating properties, owing to which they positively influence the acid/base balance of the body which may be of particular importance for physically active people.

Potatoes are low-processed

Healthy eating rules say that what should make the basis of our diet is low-processed products, purchased raw and cooked at home just before consumption. Potatoes with no doubt belong to this category. Unlike many other carbohydrate products such as bread, rice, pasta, or cereal, they are delivered to our homes basically "intact". Since they don't undergo any specialized industrial processing, they preserve maximum amount of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C

A potato is not only water and starch, but also other important components. A solid meal that includes about half a kilo of potatoes covers 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. The same amount of potatoes also provides a good dose of potassium, covering a half of daily demand for this element. Adequate intake of this mineral is important to maintain the right balance of electrolytes and water in your body, and studies indicate that it may also protect against muscle catabolism.

Potatoes satisfy your hunger for longer

Scientific research and daily observations confirm that potatoes have satiating properties. You remain full for a longer time than after consumption of the same amount of bread or rice. This is especially important for those on weight loss diets who have low-calorie menus. Inclusion of potatoes in their weight reduction meals will facilitate calorie-restriction observance which can contribute to better results in body fat elimintaion.

Potatoes are not as caloric as it is commonly believed

Potatoes are widely considered to be very caloric and their high energy value is allegedly connected with the presence of a considerable dose of starch. In fact, 100 g of raw potatoes provides you with only 15-18 g of carbs which is several times less than the same quantity of rice, pasta or oatmeal. Potato dishes can of course become very fattening when you serve them with a generous portion of butter, heavy and greasy sauces, fat meat and so on.

To sum up

As you can see the potato can surprise. It turns out that, contrary to conventional theories, this vegetable is not an undesirable ingredient in a healthy diet. Potatoes should be eaten because they are valuable, healthy, tasty, satiating and... cheap!