Five reasons why you should eat liver

Offal such as liver is usually not associated with something healthy and valuable. In addition, our reluctance to eat it makes liver often regarded as a product of lower category, rather cheap substitute for meat. Meanwhile, the situation looks much different: liver not only may but actually should be included in diets of active people. Want to know why? Here are five key reasons.

Liver is a rich source of iron

In just one hundred gram portion of chicken liver there is almost 10 mg of iron, which is as much as twenty times more than in chicken breasts! As a reminder, daily requirement for this element is in men is 12mg and 18mg in women. Usually men have no problems to provide the appropriate amount of this element, but in the case of women covering the requirements may be difficult, especially in case of intense physical activity, which additionally increases the need for this element. Inclusion of liver in your diet is a great way to solve this problem.

Liver provides a healthy dose of zinc

Zinc is an essential element for the proper functioning of the human body, its adequate supply is necessary for example to maintain good condition of the immune system and to ensure adequate conditions for the synthesis of androgens such as testosterone. In a hundred gram portion of liver there's more than 3.5 mg of the element which can cover about 30% of the daily requirement of an adult.

Liver is a wealth of B vitamins

Chicken liver provides a powerful dose of B vitamins, especially cobalamin (vitamin B12), riboflavin (vitamin B2) and niacin (vitamin B3). The B vitamins are involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and are essential for the proper conduct of energy processes. Your body needs them for effective repairs of micro-damages to muscle fibers. Physically active people may have an increased demand for these vitamins and should ensure abundant vitamin sources, such is the liver.

Liver is a source of high quality protein

Perhaps some of you may be surprised but the chicken liver in terms of both protein content and its quality is similar to so-popular chicken breast. In one hundred gram portion of liver there is about 19g of protein of high biological value, which in comparison to meat proteins are characterized by only a little lower content of sulfur amino acids. For a more complete picture of the situation it is worth noting that chicken liver's aminogram is much better than aminogram of cottage cheese.

Liver is ridiculously cheap

In addition to the many nutritional benefits of liver, it also has one more important advantage: it is simply cheap; and taking into account the information set forth above, we can safely say that it is ridiculously cheap. A kilogramme of chicken liver can often cost you three times less than the same amount of chicken breast. You do not have to be a great mathematician to see that inclusion of liver into your menu simply pays off.

How often should you eat liver?

Because of a high content of vitamin A, the excess of which is toxic, liver should not be consumed every day. Undoubtedly, once a week you can indulge in this delicacy without major concerns. In particular, physically active women should be aware of its values, because in their case liver can prove invaluable.