Six basic rules you have to remember about when you want to increase muscle mass

There's no doubt that increasing body mass nowadays is rather effortless for majority of population – it is a natural consequence of wrongly chosen food products. However, practically speaking, if we don't want to just increase waistline, but gain well-built body, it gets much more complicated.

Muscle tissue, opposite to body fat, is quite fussy and when you want to build it up, you have to provide appropriate conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it, which is why you can see many despairers at the gym who look constantly the same despite hard work. If you don't want to be one of them, I have six basic rules which will make your muscles grow.

First of all: Your workout has to be well-thought

It's a fact that muscles don't grow without strength training. However, it's not enough just to “swing the iron” to notice consequent results. What you need is a concrete training plan with some basic multi-joint exercises mostly based on free weights. Each workout should include all main muscle groups of the upper and lower body. Doing exercises just for chest and arms will not optimize the effects.

Second of all: increase the load systematically and introduce modifications into your training plan

Even if your current training plan was prepared by the best trainer in the world, you should know that its efficiency is time-limited. Unfortunately, human body has the ability of adapting to stimuli. Therefore, doing the same exercises all the time, with the same number of sets and repetitions, and, what's worse, with the same load, results in the unchanged shape. You should add load gradually and change the training plan completely every two or three months.

Third of all: remember about recovery 

If you want to build muscle mass, you shouldn't workout all the time. Muscles need rest, otherwise they don't grow. Providing good conditions for recovery is often neglected by people training at the gym. Do not make this mistake. Sleep at least seven hours, never train the same muscle group two days in a row and do the exercises for less than two hours. Remember, that also after workout, your muscles need a solid portion of nutrients. There's one more thing, avoid partying and drinking all night.

Fourth of all: eat large and valuable meals

Your body will not invest in muscles if you keep omitting indispensable nutrients in your diet. Most of all, you need excess amount of calories thanks to which you will be able to strengthen the enzyme tracts which take part in the muscle proteins synthesis. You also need a solid dose of proteins, which are the source of amino acids – the elements that your muscles are built of. Don't forget about vitamins and minerals – it's impossible to start some biochemical reactions without them. You should also drink a lot of water, as when the body is dehydrated, it doesn't work well.

Fifth of all: use checked supplements

Supplements are not necessary if you want to cause muscle growth, but if you choose proven products, you will notice quite fast that they speed up the progress. Creatin, protein or carb-protein supplements, BCAA and so-called before-workout products may be a precious complements of diet and training. However, you should avoid products based on glutamine, HMB, “testosterone amplifiers” or similar strange inventions which action has not been proven.

Sixth of all: extend your knowledge, read valuable books

Learning on one's mistakes may be satisfying but in a context of efficiency, it's better not to make some mistakes. Otherwise, you may be injured or stay in one place for months wondering why there are no effects. That's the reason why you should extend your knowledge consequently. Below you can find few links to articles connected with the issue of building muscle mass.

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