Eight eating mistakes that slow down your metabolism

Maintaning a high metabolic rate has a significant influence on your mass and body composition. Unfortunately, we are often in the habit of taking actions that adversely affect the metabolism and encourage our organism to starts accumulation of calories we ate in a form of fat. It results in steady, regular gain of unwanted weight. With a view to a fight against obesity and overweight it is helpful to change your eating habits by eliminating those which contribute to metabolism slowdown in the greatest extent.

You don't provide adequate dose of vitamin D

Too low level of vitamin D in you body can be a reason behind many serious ailments. Scientific studies established that deficiency of this compound fosters, among other nuisances, development of diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis and cancer. There are also reasons to believe that the low leves of this vitamin has a negative influence on functioning of mechanisms responsible for collection and expenditure of energy, the result of which is increased accumulation of fat reserves in the body. An excellent source of vitamin D are oily saltwater fish, unfortunately hardly anyone today eats them often enough. Luckily, during long summer days we have the ability to meet demand by regular exposure to sunlight. The alternative is appropriately chosen supplementation (it is usually recommended to take 1,000-2,000 IU of vitamin D a day, and in case of obesity even 5000-10000 IU).

You don't provide sufficient doses of calcium

Calcium deficiencies does not only negatively affect your locomotion, it also takes its toll on proper functioning of the energy management. Interestingly, many people wrongly believe that elimination of  pretty valuable sources of calcium from their diet, such as some dairy products, is a step towards accelerating fat burning. Actually, studies say something opposite. If you ensure to deliver adequate amount of this element, you may ehnance your efforts aimed at improving the body composition. Of course, it is not necessary to consume dairy products alone, there are other sources of calcium, too; you should remember, though, that some dairy products such as plain yogurt, kefir and buttermilk have verified slimming properties.

You drink too little fluids

Dehydration itself can disturb your body's work, including the way your energy management mechanisms function. It is worth to know that scientific studies show that consumption of non-caloric fluids is a metabolism boosting agent. The effect is visible particularly in case of coffee and tea, which is associated with the presence of methyloxantines such as caffeine and polyphenols. Interestingly, however, some increase in the metabolism rate can occur simply after drinking plain water! So let's take care of proper hydration of your organism!

To sum up

As you can see there are many different ways to slow down your metabolism. If you want to keep up its high rate, it is worth implementing healthy eating habits and being careful to not make mistakes listed above. Otherwise, your work on good body composition will be very difficult.