You drink these things? You'll never get rid of a big belly

Not only what we eat but also what we drink influences what we look like. Unfortunately, we usually pay little attention to quality and quantity of drinks we like to have on a daily basis. Such neglect prominently hinder weight loss and favours higher accumulation of fat. Below you can find a list of drinks which are your special enemies in the fight against a big belly.

Sweetened fizzy drinks

Surprising though it may seem, up to 30% of daily energy adoption may come from fluids. That's a fact. This means that a man who consumes 2800 kcal a day takes nearly 900 kcal simply from drinks. It should be added that the "liquid power" comes mostly from sugars such as sucrose (or glucose-fructose syrup), sometimes fructose and glucose individually. As we know, such sugars can, in an outstanding way, influence accumulation of fat in the body and block its release and burning. The problem concerns not only sweetened drinks (cola) but also fruit juices that contain on average about 10-12% of sugar! The worst is that we usually drink juices and sweetened drinks between meals that is in the time when our organisms, if not provided with refined carbohydrates, could use up reserves stored in fat tissue.

Energy drinks

The popularity of energy drinks is growing at a spectacular pace. Today, they are consumed not only by athletes but also by overworked businessmen and... teenagers and children! Unfortunately, they make a concentrated source of sugar so their regular consumption is among factor for development of overweight and obesity. An additional problem is high content of caffeine, substance that on the one hand, boosts up your metabolism, but on the other, affects insulin sensitivity and, on top of that, adverses effects of excessive intake of sugars such as sucrose present in energy drinks. If you must buy this type of drinks, chose those sweetened with no-calorie sweeteners. Nevertheless, it is best to replace these inventions with black, unsweetened coffee.

100% juices

When on individual consultation or a training I mention that 100% fruit juices should be excluded from a diet to reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates, numerous voices of opposition appear stating that 'these drinks are not sweetend'. It is surprising how many people believe that the designation of "no sugar added" is equivalent with zero content of simple carbs. In practice, 100% juices are a rich source of sucrose, glucose and fructose. Although nobody added it in the juice but it is surely present there, and its content ranges from 8 to 15%. This means that in a glass of juice there can be from four to eight teaspoonsful of sugar!

Isotonic drinks

Hardly anone remembers that Isotonic drinks can hinder weight loss while in fact they are simply specially concentrated sugar solutions (with addition of electrolytes). Their role becomes important during long-term effort. If you jauntily sip it while or before strolling on a treadmill, its effects will be not only unnecessary but potentially harmful, especially if you train in order to lose weight. In 100 ml of an isotonic there are 4 to 7 grammes of sugars in the form of glucose, fructose, sucrose (glucose-fructose syrup) and maltodextrins. So you take 30-50 g of sugar with every portion of 750 ml of an isotonic. This fact should be kept in mind when you count calorie intake of a day.


Although you can treat the theories of beer being the main cause of a fat belly as a fairy tale, it must be admited that a soft spot for alcoholic beverages does not aid your work on a perfect body. This applies in particular to sweet liquors (and cocktails composed of sugar-containing beverages) and also - beer. The problem is not only that you consume additional calories in a form of liquids, but also that under the influence of alcohol you usually make irrational eating choices, gorging on unhealthy and fattening snacks.

To sum up

Qualitative and quantitative selection of drinks may have significant influence on the effectiveness of your efforts to slim down. It is best to drink calorie-free fluids such as mineral water and unsweetened tea and coffee. It is the safest options which will moreover support your work on the perfect body.