How to increase insulin sensitivity?

Problems occuring while working your body sometimes are related to dysfunction of insulin-glucose management. Impairment of this important metabolic parameter makes it relatively easy to gain fat in your organism, and at the same time relatively difficult to develop musculature. Similarly, while losing weight it can lead to quick loss of so hardly earned muscles, while fat loss is rather unsatisfactory. In this article I would like to present some effective ways to improve your insulin sensitivity.


There is no better cure for dysfunctions of insulin-glucose secretion, (well, maybe except for a proper diet) than regular physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the greatest threats to the metabolic condition of the human body. Thanks to regular workouts you can vastly improve your insulin sensitivity, which has been observed even in case of far advanced pathology (such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome). If you want to "heal" your metabolism, you need to make sure you don't miss any physical activity on a daily basis. You should plan at least three physical workouts a week, remembering that that high-intensity training (such as interval training and strength training) does much more good than any aerobic training. In addition, you may also make your everyday activities work for you if you decide to abandon asking other people to do things for you, and if you add some movement to your day-to-day tasks. 

Get rid of "bad fat" from your diet

First of all, I need to explain one crucial thing – not every type of fat is bad! Fat is necessarily needed, and if you eat too little of it, it can entail a variety of deplorable consequences. Not all fats included in your diet are welcome, though. Particularly harmful turn out to be trans fats, that is fatty acids which are primarily produced in the process of catalytic hydrogenation of vegetable oils, (as well as during heat treatment of polyunsaturated acids). There is clear evidence that these compounds drastically worsen your insulin sensitivity. Their elimination from your diet is a milestone in the healing process of distorted metabolism. Trans isomers occur mainly in hard margarine and sweets. Similarly problematic component of the diet can be fatty acids from the omega 6 group that have proinflammatory properties. They can be found in vegetable oils such as sunflower, soybean, corn, grapeseed, low-linolenic linseed oil. Saturated fatty acids become problematic when carbohydrates play a considerable role in a diet.

Eliminate sweetened products

Large consumption of products sweetened with sucrose and similar sugars can rapidly lead to disorders in proper functioning of energy expenditure mechanisms. One of the consequences of this condition is increasing insulin resistance, which is repressed by worse tissues and organs reaction  (such as the liver) to signals sent by insulin. Insulin is an important hormone the task of which is to regulate glucose level in blood. Elimination of sweetened products from your menu is particularly important for plump and obese people. In their case, at least in the initial phase of their work on good health and mantaining figure, total sugar abstinence is essential. First positive effects of such actions will appear only after about two weeks, especially if the change in eating habits is combined with increased physical activity.