Five reasons why you should include pumpkin in your diet

Although pumpkin is usually a pleasant association, there aren't that many popular pumpkin dishes. Which is a shame, since it has many properties beneficial to our health. Pumpkin is good for you for many reasons, but in this article we'll only go through the five most important ones.

It makes you feel full and helps weight loss

Pumpkin is a good source of fibre, it has 3g of fibre per 100g of pumpkin. The most important thing though, is that it's a faction of dietary fibre which significantly slows down the speed at which the stomach empties, affecting the level of post-meal fullness. Including pumpkin dishes in the everyday menu may prove useful in controlling your hunger, which definitely makes dieting easier and lowers the risk of gaining weight.

It's beneficial to your sight

Pumpkin is abundant in carotenoids, mostly alpha- and beta-carotene, which not only are powerful anti-oxidants, but also are later processed by the body into vitamin A. Many other pros aside, these substances will help your eyesight. Pumpkin is especially recommended for people who have problems with low-light vision and  everyone who is exposed to factors harmful to your eyes, such as spending long hours in front of the computer screen.

It lowers blood pressure.

Pumpkin also has lots of potassium, a nutrient which we usually don’t get enough of and which has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system, lowering elevated blood pressure. Potassium also has a slightly diuretic effect, helping reduce water retention in the organism and it also diminishes insulin resistance.

It stabilizes the PH balance.

It is said that the pumpkin "alkalizes the body". And indeed, thanks to the aforementioned potassium and other alkaline microelements, such as calcium and magnesium, pumpkin affects the PH balance of the body, which translates to diminishing the activity of the enzymes that break down muscle proteins. You might actually say that the pumpkin has anticatabolic properties! Additionally, balancing the body PH diminishes the risk of many diseases and helps boost your overall wellbeing.

It's very tasty.

The outstanding culinary qualities of the pumpkin aren't to be underestimated either. Pumpkin dishes (soups, casseroles, pies) prove to be exceptionally tasty, which tends to surprise people who haven't tried pumpkin before. You can find more information on cooking pumpkin under the following address:


It's fairly obvious it's good to eat pumpkin for many reasons. Aside from its culinary value, it has a lot of health-promoting properties - valuable for those who watch their figure and are physically active.