Two kilogrammes in two days? Yes, it is possible!

If you think that rapid changes in your body weight in a short period of time are impossible, let me, an experienced and professional dietician, fully responsible for my words, belie this conviction. There really are ways of provoking such progress, and, more importnantly, you don't have to employ any sophisticated strategy or possess unique capabilities. All you need to do is to let yourself be imaginative... Now, how is that possible?

Rapid changes in body weight - we are made to do it

Looking from the perspective of our history and evolutionary circumstances, it can be said that we are well suited to operate with extremely variable availability of food. For hundreds of thousands of years we have been exposed to successive periods of hunger and satiety, as a result developing mechanisms to survive. Consequently, we have acquired the ability to rapidly accumulate reserves during energy surplus, and manage it sparingly in times of deficit. We have had these metabolic conditions till today, which, in the contemporary world with permanent availability of food, allows us to easily influence our body weight. The problem is this influence is one-way: up.

What does it mean in practice?

Thorough readers have probably already realised this article is written with sneers. Contrary to what we would wish for, it's not so much the possibility of rapid weight loss but the ability to quick weight gain that our bodies are characterised by. When food is plentiful, especially one that is a source of refined sugars and fats, we put on weight astonishingly easily. Unfortunately, loss of even quickly gained body weight does not come so effortlessly. And that is why a number of fat and obese people keeps growing from year to year.

A weekend, meaning 2 kilos in 2 days    

Both scientific researches and daily practice show that although we eat normally and we don't put up any weight during weekdays, we very often catch up on extra kilogrammes in weekends. It does happen rather frequently that amount of energy acquired on Saturday and Sunday is many times higher than our bodies' needs. This is connected with a number of factors, such as:

  • a need to relax (one of food's non-physiological properties is its relaxing quality; we eat to let out stress and to feel better),
  • eating out (while eating out with our friends or family, we tend to pay less attention to what we eat and how much we eat),
  • consumption of alcohol (alcoholic beverages are not only caloric, but also increases the appetite and disable our control mechanisms).

This plus lack of exercise give us a quick way of gaining a few extra centimetres and kilogrammes. This happens way too often, unfortunately. It also affects people who fight with weight gain, who then lose a whole week of sacrifice within two days of indulgence.

To sum up

Fast weight changes are perfectly possible, the major problem being they are rarely welcome. They come down to the fact that in a short period of time we put on kilogrammes which then take weeks to get rid of. It is thus worth remembering that control the quantity and quality of consumed food should not be limited only to weekdays.