Tips for sleepyheads: 5 ways to get up more quickly and easily

Every day, with no exception, you keep repeating the same ritual. You go to bed late, you set your alarm clock and leave it within a reach of your hand to turn it off in the morning. As soon as you hear the ringtone you instinctively press snooze button. Again and again... after dozens of snoozes, you finally wake up to a gray, chilly morning, and your warm bed encourages you to stay in. The season of the year and the weather outside make it even more difficult to stand up in good mood. We can't promise you will start enjoying getting up. But we will try to make it more easy and definitely faster.

Before we do get down to giving tips for easier and faster standing up, we would like to remind those who forgot that a man's actions stem mostly from certain habits. Habits, which, thankfully, can largely be altered. All you need is some good attitude and willingness to work on yourself. So, instead of grumbling, introduce a few modifications and you will see that getting up will become less tedious.

Tip no. 1.
Knowing you have got problems with morning waking up, never ever place your alarm clock next to your bed. It will be much easier to "miss" the alarm, turn it off, hide under you pillow or reset to an infinite number of snoozes. Placing it in a remote end of the bedroom will force you to get up to turn it off, and this way there is a good chance that since you have already left your warm and comfortable bed, you won't go back to it. Also, you should re-think your ringtone. Do not select a vibrating, unpleasant tune: it will make you more irritated to hear it first thing in the morning.

Tip no 2.
If you wake up and it's still dark outside, start from turning the light on. This will inform your organism it's already morning  and will help to decieve your biological clock to "think" it is already time to get up up and work. Moreover, vastly refreshing is letting some cool fresh air into you room.

Tip no. 3.
Assuming you have gotten up early enough to prepare yourself for the upcoming day, it's now time to turn on the radio or your favorite music. It will boost your energy, and keep your mood up. Tilt your window, make yourself a cup of coffe and take a quick shower. A stream of lukewarm water will make you feel fresh, you'll be fully aroused and ready for further actions.

Tip no. 4.
What can be done in the evening, should be done in the evening. You'll have more time to sleep and less things to do in the morning. If possible, prepare a breakfast or meals to take with you to work or to school. Iron your clothes, pack the things you are going to need the following day (e.g. your training bag). You will save a lot of time this way and minimise the likelihood that you will forget something in the morning.

Tip no. 5.
In order to improve the comfort of you sleep, invest in a good quality comfortable mattress. Do not overheat the room you sleep in and, trivial as it may seem, go to bed early enough to give your organism time and a chance to regeneate after a long and tiring day. 6-7 hours of sleep is the absolute minimum you need to be able to function normally.

Moreover, it is important how you spend the time before going to bed. Take a warm shower, turn off you computer, read a book, ventilate your bedroom and take care for the temperature inside to be moderate. Also a few nice moments spent in the arms of your partner will positively affect the quality of your sleep.