Cellulite - 2 easy ways to get rid of it

The problem of cellulite, or orange peel, has been considered exclusively feminine for a long time. These days, however, it starts to be increasingly observed at adult men, and even children and youth. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle and a soft spot for low-quality nutrition products largely contribute to this fact. Cellulite occurs primarily on thighs, buttocks and abdomen, but people with a high level of body fat and a small amount of muscle can also develop it on their shoulders. Regular massage, anti-cellulite diet, 'special' exercises, good cosmetics etc... What works best? If any of these works at all?

Women are willing to sacrifice a lot... of money in the battle for smooth and firm skin on the buttocks and thighs. By investing huge amounts in magical preparations, creams, magic machines, lasers, pills, teas, cocktails, they believe that this time they are buying an invention which will noticeably improve appearance of their skin. Unfortunately, what should be firmly emphasized again and again, the miraculous effectiveness of vast majority of products currently available on the market is zero and they are simply a piece of trash.

As usual, the most effective actions appear to be the simplest ones. In this case, they will improve not only the "problematic" areas, that is hips and tummy, but, what is much more important, will be beneficial to the appearance and functioning of the entire body!

# 1. Improve your diet

Although it seems unbelievable, most people who struggle with the problem of cellulite will notice a significant improvement in the quality and appearance of their skin only after two to three months since the change of their diet. It is enough to start from the most trivial steps: for example, exclude unhealthy highly processed snacks (crisps, fast food), sweets and alcoholic beverages.

A common mistake made usually by ladies is starvation. Elimination of most products will not contribute to a better figure. To make matters worse, it can have a negative impact on both your well-being and health. So what to eat in order to be able to enjoy a healthy and firm body?

First of all, you should make sure to consume adequate amounts of food. You might want to pay close attention to sufficient amount of protein in your diet (especially women tend to restrict their sources) - meat, fish, eggs, cheese - these products cannot be skipped. You should also remember about consuming adequate amounts of healthy fats (fish, nuts, eggs, avocados, coconut oil, you can definitely supplement your diet with omega 3). Not without significance is also selection of appropriate sources of carbohydrates - cereals, rice, leguminous vegetables, fruits.

# 2. Don't be afraid of a workout with loads

There is a false, yet very popular, conviction that starvation and long hours of hard training, combined with famous online 8-minute video tutorials will change yout appearance for better. Unfortunately, these solutions are not only of no help. They are destructive for your body. The only "profit" you achieve is a few pounds less indicated by your scales, but at this point you should ask yourself if this loss is really a profit. Flagging, malnourished, inelastic skin accents the presence of cellulite even more. You may be skinny, but surely not slender.

You already know you shouldn't be afraid of eating. And it's the same with strength training. Ladies usually fear that after a couple of workout sessions they will develop musculature which will make them look like a bodybuilder. Don't worry. It is absolutely impossible. We have too little testosterone to be able to build a big amount of muscle tissue without extra suplementation.

You need to remeber, though, that it is muscles (!) that make your body look young and firm. It is them that shape your body. Just look around you: a great place for observations is the beach. Women who train regularly, look good, both fully clothed, and without outfit. Ladies who abhor physical activity, can have a great and attractive look when dressed up, but after dropping their clohed, they present a skeleton, some skin with a bit of adipose tissue: completely shapesless.


Of course, additional treatments, regular massage can effectively help in the struggle for a better figure, but they cannot constitute a foundation for action.

What if not diet and not a training...

When all possible methods fail or exceptional laziness and desire to have a "smooth and firm" body now is stronger than motivation to long-term actions, there is one more solution: plastic surgery. By means of the proverbial scalpel (for example liposuction) you can remove fat and get rid of unsightly flabby skin. This method, however, has got two main disadvantages. First, it is painful, and second, if someone has had a tendency to neglect, the result of the doctor's actions will only be temporary anyway.