A wonderful slimming medicine discovered! Lose weight effortlessly!

We'd all like to look good. Duh! A large portion of society is ready to spend a considerable chunk of their income to pay not necessarily even for the effect, but for a promise or a vision of it. Of course, the methods that are actually helpful in improving your figure - the most efficient and popular ones - are common knowledge. They are simple and prosaic, yet effective. I’m talking of course - as most of the readers have probably already guessed - about a diet and a training regime.

Great ambitions vs. Deep-seated laziness

By itself, the desire to look good isn't anything wrong. On the contrary: after all an old proverb cites: „Fine feathers make fine birds”. Additionally, as those struggling with excess kilograms surely know (especially if being overweight is slowly turning into being obese), being overweight can have a negative influence on self-esteem, cause insecurity, unwillingness to socialize and depression. That’s the theory.

The practice, however, is a whole different story. Those same people, while having both the aforementioned knowledge and the awareness, that some of their habits (snacking, eating large amounts of sweets and spicy/fat food, drinking too much alcohol, addictions, lack of sleep and complete resentment to any kind of physical activity) have direct impact on their current, not so attractive figure, absolutely refuse to change their habits.

To have a cookie and eat a cookie

Let's keep going. The goal has been set a long time ago – a satisfying figure, a figure to be proud of (not necessarily that of a top model or young Adonis). Furthermore: the ways of achieving those - a diet and a training regime - are also widely known. Granted, it may prove difficult - especially to those willing to search through widely available media - to find worthwhile information that are more than just repeating old myths (I'm referring to both training and diet).

But where there's a will there's a way. There are at least few different options: consulting a certified nutritionist and an instructor/trainer for physical activity; maybe even a single meeting will suffice, one counseling session, a joint shopping trip, a single training session or a few cooking lessons (indeed, as is often the case, the unwillingness to cook is simply a result of a lack of practice and experience!). Another way is to read a lot, browse through the nearly limitless resources of the internet and apply some of the advices in your everyday life - it is important not to trust any information not backed up by any kind of scientific research. Those methods absolutely require a measure of will and commitment.

There of course people, who will immediately say that the amount of available information is beyond them, that they have no idea where to start...While they may be right to a point, it's not  a heavily guarded secret, that eating a lot of fast food meals or sweets, while spending a majority of your time in front of a computer or a TV will cause weight gain. So where is the problem? The problem is that while we are perfectly aware of what can negatively influence our figure, we have absolutely no desire to limit or quit our habits. What’s more is that great many people believe (or would like to believe) that there exists a magical remedy, a miracle pill, that - despite our inner laziness-would shape our bodies just as we want them.

To have a cookie and eat a cookie  to paraphrase mr. Kononowicz- „No can be done”

To Sum It Up...

For some it may come as a suprise, to others it may be brutal but...there are no magical remedies. Meanwhile those who advertise their medicines as such (along with drugstores and  supplement/nutrient stores) are very well off and can't complain about the lack of cash.

From my experience and observations, you can do almost anything if you really want to. And most of everyday problems - shift work, kids, frequent business trips, lack of funds for „posh” food-won't be a problem. Of course, there will be those who will find hundreds of arguments to explain how hard it is or how much it „can't be done”. Well...after all, each of us must make a decision, whether wearing kilograms of fat is what is satisfying to them, and whether we want to spend half of our lives wondering how we could look if a miracle medicine was available.

Don't count on a miracle. Act, fight for yourself!