A sexy way to a healthy figure?

There is more and more evidence to support the thesis that an active sex life has a considerable influence on staying in good condition, and keeping an aesthetic figure. What's interesting the positive role of our bed activities does not end at burning off excess calories. Here's how a fulfilling sex life can help with improving your health and looks:

Appetite control

Experts advise that sex, in the context of managing your figure and health, can have much more to offer than „traditional” aerobic training. The research suggest, that during 20 minutes of sexual play lovers burn an average of 100kcal-this number however can increase with trying out more complicated and demanding positions. The most important fact, though, is that sex can have a positive influence on the mechanisms responsible for hunger control and satiety, along with reducing uncontrollable binging.

Improvement of sleep quality

Insomnia, difficulty with falling asleep, or sleep deficiency are serious factors, that increase the likelihood of obesity and have a negative impact on your psychosomatical wellbeing. It's worth remembering that high-quality sleep makes it easier  to keep a healthy menu, lessening the urge to indulge in some junk snacks.

In the case of sleeping problems, as scientific publications show, regular sex can be more effective than the often-overused drugs. This occurs not only because playing in bed reduces levels of stress and lowers tension, but also because after an intercourse the level of oxytocin - the so called „hug hormone” - invaluable in regulating sleep.

Reducing stress

Scientists are not sure about the mechanisms that connect a successful sex life with reducing stress and improving mood. A significant role is attributed to the fact, that sex lowers the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), which in turn can help with maintaining more „peaceful” mindset. Too much cortisol, as the research suggests, can cause shrinking of the hippocampus cells, the part of the brain responsible for managing tension, memory and information management. Meanwhile, sex can not only neutralize the negative impact the cortisol has on the brain, but also cause actual cell growth in the hippocampus area. You could go as far as to say, that active sex life is a good way of remedying weak memory and information management troubles.

Improved self-esteem

What is the best and fastest way of improving your body image, feel attractive and boost your self-esteem? A satisfying and regular sex life, of course. It's worth noting, that this relation works on many levels: not only does the sex have a positive influence on your self-esteem, but it also improves the quality of your sexual experiences. Additionally, it has been scientifically proven, that positive outlook on yourself and your body greatly helps with improving your figure and health.


Starania o zadbaną sylwetkę i dobre zdrowie można znacznie uprzyjemnić, prowadząc aktywne i satysfakcjonujące życie seksualne. Seks nie tylko pozwala spalać dodatkowe kalorie, ale pomaga kontrolować apetyt, rozładować napięcie i poprawić jakość snu. Łóżkowe igraszki pomocne są także w tworzeniu pozytywnego wizerunku własnego ciała i kształtowaniu poczucia własnej atrakcyjności.

The quest for a good figure and health can be made much more pleasant by having active and satisfying sex life. Sex does not only allow you to burn additional calories, but also helps with controlling your appetite, reducing tensions and improves the quality of your sleep. Bed-time activities are also helpful in creating a positive outlook of your body, and shaping the feeling of your own attractiveness.