Your muscles like these products

You want to increase muscle mass? You must therefore eat. And eat a lot. Your body is not going to invest in the development of energy-intensive musculature if it does not receive a sound dose of both energy and all needed nutrients. In order to take care of the necessary nourishment you should not only to establish an adequate energy supply, but also the appropriate selection of foods in terms of its quality. Eating junk food is not the best option. In this article we will present a list of particularly valuable products that should not be skipped in your "mass gain" diet.

Whole grain cereal products

Of course you can "build mass" eating cereal for kids, chocolate bars and butter rolls, but it is unlikely the weight you will gain will be of good quality. Unfortunately, lack of attention to proper selection of carbohydrate products usually takes its toll on your figure leading to increase in body fat. It is therefore necessary to turn to good sources of carbohydrates, including whole-grain cereals, such as brown rice, buckwheat (which as a matter of fact is a polygonaceous plant commonly classified as "grain"), millet or oatmeal and bread baked from untreated flour (more favourably rye than wheat). This type of foodstuffs not only provides you with slowly digestible carbohydrates but also many other important components, such as vitamin B, and necessary elements, such as magnesium and fiber.

Fresh meat

Meat is an important component of a "building muscle" diet, mainly due to the fact that it provides high-quality protein. But not only that. Meat, especially red, is an excellent source of vitamin B, zinc and anabolic creatine (included mostly in beef). Meat must be bought fresh and prepared at home. You should only remember that meat-like products such as popular sausages are not specifically desired components of a healthy diet and you should restrict their consumption. The meat you chose may not necessarily be extremely lean, a certain amount of fat can be advantageous for its energy value and better palatability. Hence, there is no need to restrict yourself to mere dry chicken breast or tasty but relatively expensive beef sirloin. Other items such as carcass roast beef or entrecote, chicken legs, pork or even a pork shoulder - may also appear in menu.

Green vegetables

Unfortunately, vegetables often tend to be treated as a colorful addition to dishes with not much nutritional value. Many people openly admit that they do not eat vegetables because they don't feel like wasting their time time and money to prepare them. At the same time, the strategy for offsetting any possible deficiencies in nutrients supplemetation is application of vitamins or vitamin-mineral pills. Unfortunately, any pills or tablets are unable to fully replace the potential of healthy vegetables, primarily because they do not contain the appropriate doses of many nutrients (such as potassium, a dietary supplement the recommended daily amount of which can be rarely achieved in any pills). Lack of vegetables in your diet, combined with high consumption of carbohydrate and protein products, can lead to disorders of the acid-base balance of your organism and thus negatively reflect on the development of muscle tissue.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are a very underrated part of a healthy diet. Their incorporation into your menu can prove to be particularly useful in times of muscle building. Their value is connected with their high nutritional value and, at the same time, high energy density. This means that nuts and seeds, although small, provide you with quite significant dose of energy and large portion of non-energetic ingredients. Particularly recommended are walnuts (vitamin E, alpha-linolenic acid, polyphenols), almonds (magnesium), Brazil nuts (selenium) and hazelnuts (good fat profile). Nuts can be eaten on a daily basis, however you should remember not to go over the top with their quantity (usually because they contain a lot of linoleic acid which belongs to the group of omega 6). What is not recommended, though, are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and peanut.

Whole eggs

Although you may often come across a recommendation to separate egg whites from egg yolks and consume them separately, the best idea is to eat whole eggs. Both yolks and egg whites are a valuable component of a diet. Whole egg is characterized by excellent amino acid profile (considered ideal for physiological needs of the human body), the presence of many vitamins and minerals, as well as high content of phospholipids which positively affect functioning of a liver, nervous system, and lipid management. Enthusiasts of eggs and gourmets should not worry about regular consumption of these foodstuffs. The old recommendation saying that you should not eat more than two eggs a week can be forgotten. You can consume eggs even every day.


Renned cheese

Renned cheese, in contrast to curds and cottage cheese, is extremely underrated. Some people treat inclusion of gouda, emmentaler cheese or mozzarella in your menu as a criminal offense, or at least a misdemeanor against health and aesthetics of your figure. The alleged disadvantage of this type of cheese is that it is... fatty. Really though, the mere presence of fat is not a problem because after all fat is an important nutrient, and if you supply its daily dose according to you calorie balance, there is nothing to fear of. It is interesting to know that renned cheese, as opposed to curd, provides much higher dose of calcium and have a better calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Oily marine fish

Fish are an important component of a healthy diet, and you should keep this in mind if you work on a development of your muscles. It is especially worth buying fish of the sea, which, in addition to providing sterling proteins, also contain long-chain fatty acids of omega 3 group and valuable vitamin D. Omega 3 fatty acids have a positive influence on lipid and glucose-insulin management, which indirectly reduces a risk of fat gain while being on a high-energy diet. Vitamin D positively influences general health and a level of hormones, such as testosterone. It also improves insulin sensitivity. Fish should be eat two to three times a week. It is best to choose those wild. Let me only remind you that popular panga fish is not a marine fish.

Fresh fruits

You might want to turn to fresh fruits for many reasons. First of all, as well as vegetables, fruits are a source of ingredients of alkaline potential, for example potassium. Secondly, they contain vitamins essential for our health. Fruits are also great as a substitute for sweets for people struggling with craving for "something sweet" (a weakness for pastry products may be more serious for you body during mass gain and shaping than during fat reduction). It is best to choose regional and seasonal fruits, and if this is impossible, you can always have a proven good and healthy solution: citrus. Bananas, due to their high content of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6, are a great idea, especially after training.