Healthy ideas for breakfast - oatmeal

No doubt breakfast is an important meal in our everyday eating routine. Whether it is more or less important than lunch or dinner, the chance is it may turn out to be a bit boring when every breafast offers us the very same food. You may love scrambled eggs, unless served sixth time in a row within the last six days. You look away with disgust when seeing porridge? Try to introduce a few changes into your everyday breakfast menu, and you'll discover new exciting flavours of your morning meals.

Oatmeal doesn't have to be boring!

Hated by many, especially those who prepare porridge only with water. Cooked with a handful of nuts and sliced banana does not appear alluring. Prepared this way has got every right to discourage from frequent consumption.

You can change it completely if you cook it in cow's, coconut or almond milk instead of water. A teaspoon of cocoa, a pinch of cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and a touch of salt added during cooking will positively affect its taste. In order to improve the taste, and to supplement the meal with fats, add a teaspoon of butter or coconut oil or walnuts (previously soaked), grated coconut, almond flakes etc.

If you have little time in the morning, put some sliced fruit in it, but don't limit yourself to the same daily basis. Banana, apple, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, grapes, kiwi - options are plentiful. To additionally enrich the taste, add some baked or stewed pear or apple; a good idea is to mix your dish with a grilled banana.

Put flavoured protein in your porrige. It will make your meal even better and tastier.

Such porridge will taste perfectly, no matter whether seved hot or cold. Before consumption you can decorate it with fruits and top it with a sprinkle of plain chocolate.

Make your own Granola

What's in the muesli? If you want to check, just read the label on the package. Massive amount of preservatives, sugar, candied fruits... healthy? Nay. If you like 'sweet' breakfast, and you do not want to give up on you daily portion of muesli - make it on your own. See how simple it is.

What products you need? Let your imagination work with your flavour preferences.

Oatmeal, millet flakes, all sorts of nuts (excep peanuts), grated coconut, extra protein supplements, fruits (preferably fresh) or good-quality dried ones. Add a 'flavour-booster', such as crushed plain chocolate, don't be afraid of playing with spices: cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom.

Granola prepared this way will go very well with yogurt, cow's milk or natural coconut milk.

Omelettes or oatmeal fritters

The principle of preparation of the 'base' fot this dish is the same as for the muesli. In this case, however, firstly soak oatmeal you are going to use, and if you are left with excessive amount of water, squeeze it out. Now add nuts of your selection (also peviously soaked), fruits, protein supplement, spices. Then, combine the 'base' with eggs and mix it well. You can fry it now, for example, on coconut oil.

What about pancakes?

Bored stiff? Grind oatmeal or buy flour groats, add water and eggs - easy way to make pancake batter. Then stuff your pancakes with what was described above, or make it with some meat, for example, finely diced and stir-fried pieces of chicken breast or turkey, vegetables, sauce made of yogurt etc.

Bon Appétit!