Workout at home for women - what to focus on

Ladies who usually avoid physical activity, not rarely try to catch up with ideal body around Christmas and New Year. It's the time when it is always an alluring idea to surprise friends with your appearance, squeeze yourself into a dress one size smaller, and, above all, feel good in your own body. Of course, it's not only women who think this way: some gentlemen do the same thing – and due to such approach, training at home is a much seasonal occurence. You have got an occasion, you have got a target, you have made your decision. What should you pay special attention to, and what to avoid so that such exercises have positive effects?

Do not divide body into parts!

A big group of the gentle sex sees their body not as a whole when looking in the mirror, but splits it like a jigsaw puzzle – belly, thighs, buttocks, sometimes shoulders, most of them completely forget about the extremely important "piece" of their body, which is back. Unfortunately, such division is not very useful, and definately not healthy when working out. On the contrary, it is a perfect way to injury!

It is important to think of your body as of a system of connected vessels. You shouldn't divide yourself and give importance to some "problematic" parts, at the same time treating other as completely irrelevant. Assuming you are dissatisfied with one part of yourself (for the sake of this article let's agree it is fatty thighs), it is completely pointless to focusing on inventing thousands of exercises for this "problematic" part of your body. Why?

1. It is not possible to say to your body "look, I'll do some exercises for legs, and they have to lose weight, okay?" Simply, it is impossible to lose weight in one particular part of your body. And to make matters worse, it is almost certain that if you have a natural ability to accumulate fat, for example in your thighs area, this will be the part of your body that will start to slim up last. And it will surely not happen thanks to the proverbial "billion" repetitions of exercises on your legs only.

2. By mindlessly burdening one part of your body, you increase the chance of an injury (e.g. problems with knee-joint), at the same time you neglect other parts of your body making it weaker and, consequently, more vulnerable to contusion.

What to include in your training?

  • Effective training programme should include exercises involving muscles of your entire body. All of exercises of your choice should be done carefully, technically correctly, without unnecessary haste and wagging, with particular attention paid to feeling of appropriate muscle work.

  • Select exercises involving muscles of your whole body. What works best is: push-ups (at the beginning start with women-style ones, but gradually try to do more, as a goal having full-blown-on-your-toes-male-style push-ups), squats, strides, "supermen", burpees, abdominal tension, plank, press while sitting (in this exercise, use bottles of water as a load. If they are too light, fill them rice or grit).

  • As training equipment - primarily at the beginning of your adventure with physical activity – you can handle the weight of your own body, in time adding a few items of everyday use you can find at a hand (for example, a bottle of mineral water).

  • Don't be afraid of using additional equipment/training accessories, for they not only enhance the exercise, but also give the possibility of sustainable progress (e.g. more weight, more difficult exercises to perform). A step, ball, rehabilitation strapps, weights etc. will surely be useful.

  • If you exercise at home, it may seem unnecesary to change your clothing for a training. However, try to overcome this thinking, get dressed suitably for a workout, and always take a showet after exercises. Exercising in proper clothing and footwear will be more comfortable, especially in the case of shoes that protect your foot from twisting or slipping. It's simply safer.

  • In order to prepare you body for physical activity, warm up for at least 10 minutes. Omission of a warm-up (as well as failure to stretch after a workout) can became a cause of an injury, contractions, ineffective training. All this may result in health problems or simply weaker results, and that is not what we want to achieve.

And fot the results to be overwhelmingly great, you should definately...

pay attention to what you eat. Valuable food, rich in nutrients, significantly affects the quality of your body and skin, and will also be a determining factor in the fight for a better figure.