Creatine vs. mental health and brain condition

Creatine is widely known for its anabolic and ergogenic properties. It is worth to know, though, that, in addition to its its positive influence on body building, creatine has a number of other interesting properties, important due to the impact on mental health. Here are some trivia from the world of science, touching upon this intriguing question.

Creatine and stress

Stress is a still underrated source of many health problems. Chronic stress leads to disturbances in metabolism and energy management. Oxidative stress also increases susceptibility to damages to nerve cells. You should also know that according to current knowledge, chronic stress is one of the most important factors preceding development of many psychiatric disorders.  As it turns out, creatine supplementation can bring some positive effects in this case. Research shows it helps to eliminate mitochondrial disorders that are a consequence of the way stress influences your organism. Moreover, owing to its antioxidant properties creatine protects nerve cells.

Creatine and depressive disorder

When it comes to depressive disorders, especially those hard-to-cure with conventional methods, there have been some therapeutic benefits associated with supplementation of creatine. In one of experiments, sick persons were treated with addition of 3-5 g of creatine. After four weeks, a noticeable improvement in their well-being and mood was observed. In another experiment, a similar beneficial effects were noticed in adolescents – signs and symptoms of depression were significantly reduced.

Creatine and cognitive functions

It turns out that creatine supplementation may have a beneficial impact not only on selected aspects of mental health but also on cognitive functions of a brain. Positive effects of creatine addendum is observed in various age groups, particularly gainful being the elderly. By performing a variety of tests, the researchers noted, inter alia, improvement of long- and short-term memory, as well as higher ability of abstract thinking. Creatine is a substance that helps to keep mind in good condition among older adults and the elderly. Interestingly, the positive effects were observed only after a week of supplementation.

To sum up

Creatine supplementation can bring plentiful positive effects which extend beyond the muscle-building and development of the shape. The benefits of taking this substance may also include better mental health and cognitive function of you brain.