Four ways to curb your sweet tooth

Practice shows, that sugar cravings have nothing to do with hunger, because they can also appear when we aren't hungry. Succumbing to a craving once in a while and 'cheating' on your diet with a couple of pieces of chocolate will bear no ill consequences, but if you regularly devour big amounts of sweets, then sooner or later it will adversely affect your metabolism and figure. Thus, it's worth to think up ways to deal with that need to gorge on sweets.

Remember: sleep is the key to a fit figure

A long, healthy sleep has an invaluable effect on the functioning of our organisms. Meanwhile, we usually don't get enough of it, or a very poor quality. Scientific research proves that there's a distinct connection between not getting enough sleep and having sweet cravings. The mechanism of this phenomenon is complex and connected to the secretion of hormones such as ghrelin and cortisol and it changes the activity of the regions of the brain responsible for rational thinking. All of this means that not only are we more prone to sweet cravings but also more likely to succumb to them if we haven't had enough sleep . So you definitely should get seven to eight hours of sleep a day.

Eat a high-protein breakfast

Although the value of eating a meal shortly after waking up is often overestimated by the dieticians, there are reasons to believe that a high-protein breakfast might help control the amount and quality of food eaten later on in the day. People who gobble whatever is at hand, or go to work hungry usually reach for something sweet a couple of hours later, and that's what they eat until the late evening. It's worth to keep that in mind and eat something in the morning. It could be just scrambled eggs with vegetables or a cocktail made with fruit, oats or nuts or a whey protein.

Have fruit at hand

A sweet tooth doesn't have to be counter-measured with a candy bar or cookie. A fresh fruit, like a mandarin or an apple, can be the best substitute for sweets. Fruit does indeed provide a certain amount of simple sugars, but they also pack a lot of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and beneficial flavonoids. Moreover, research has proven that not only does the consumption of fruit help reduce the amount of conventional sweets in one's diet, but also that eating them helps supplement the diet with nutrients. There is research proving that simply including fruit in your diet, without portion or calorie control, helped reduce body weight. It's something worth taking advantage of.

Be the master of your shopping basket

It's common knowledge that often when we go shopping we do not limit ourselves to the most basic products. Thanks to precise marketing tricks, the sales psychology specialists are able to affect our consciousness and emotions. The effect is buying things we don't need - or even things that are harmful, such as sweets, which are often strategically placed near the registers, and which we buy in order to deal with the stress of... waiting in a queue. To gain better control of our groceries it is best not to go to a supermarket on an empty stomach, tired or without getting enough sleep, because it makes us more prone to succumb to the temptation.