How many kilos of muscle mass can be built in a month?

"How fast can muscles grow?" - countless different theories speak of this matter. On the one hand, there are statements saying that you are able to build up to one kilogramme of muscles a month. On the other, some people claim to have achieved up to five times faster increments. What is the truth? Are there any limits to the muscle mass growth? If so, how to break them? This study will attempt to answer these and other questions.

To understand gains

"Building mass" is sometimes viewed in a number of ways. For example, there are people who experience powerful, sometimes a few kilos muscle growth. This allegedly proves that muscles can grow in unlimited rate - of course, with appropriately selected dieting and training strategies and supplementation. In practice, however, individuals who experience such a rapid progression, unfortunately, do not develop only muscle mass. These individuals primarily increment water and fat, or at least: only water. An actual increase in the amount of musculature makes only a modest share of the whole.

It needs to be pointed out that an increase in total body weight does not necessarily mean increasing the amount of muscle tissue. Not only that, the increase in lean body mass also does not necessarily mean growth of muscle tissue - it may be caused for example only by increased amount of body water. This effect is possible for instance through the introduction of an appropriate manipulation of carbohydrates consumption or through introduction of creatine supplementation. Muscles are fuller and larger, and the scale shows as much as 2-4 kg more, wherein the waist girth has not increased. Nevertheless, this need not necessarily mean that you gained even 100 g of muscle tissue. It may, but it doesn't have to...

How quickly muscles grow?

In fact, unfortunately, there are no accurate, based on sound premises findings on how quickly muscles can grow. So it is not known how many kilos of muscles can be built in a given unit of time (although you will hear very interesting speculation regarding this aspect - but more on that in a moment). No studies exist that would document this issue. It is known, however, beyond doubt that a few kilogramme increases of lean muscle mass in a month is unrealistic. No study could ever produce such an achievement.

Looking at the results of experimental studies: the results achieved by participants (with a well balanced diet and properly planned training) generally range from 0.5 to 1 kg per month. It is difficult to find any data to prove that a faster progress is possible. I remind you that we are talking about the amount of gained muscle tissue, not the whole nor even lean body mass. It is important that these issues are separated. This makes it possible to plan an appropriate pace of progress in musculature building.

To sum up

The rate of building muscle mass is limited by several factors related for example to enzymatic apparatus. As a result, muscles grow much slower than we would like them to. Contrary to popular theories, it is unlikely to build muscle faster than the assumed 0.5-1 kg per month, and this is the kind of progress you can reasonably expect. You must remember that bodybuilding is a sport for the patient.