Eggs in a healthy diet – with or without egg yolks?

It has been known for years that eggs are a valuable source of many important nutrients. On the other hand, quite common is the fear that eating more than minunte quantities will entail increase of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol level in your body. Because of this, a practice of throwing away egg yolk has been popularised. Therefore, it is worth considering whether this solution actually has a rational explanation.

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The egg: all that your body needs

Eggs stand out against other foodstuffs owing to their high nutritional value. Few are products that can equal eggs in this respect. Eggs contain high-quality protein, very rich in perfectly balanced exogenous amino acids, they also supply the body with B-group vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E and minerals such as zinc, copper and iron. In addition, eggs are rich in valuable phospholipids affecting functioning of the nervous system, liver and lipid management, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3 (especially organic eggs and those marked with "rich in omega 3" are good for your body). In addition, eggs contain non-nutritive substances which have positive influence on the organism.

With or without egg yolk?

We already know that eggs provide us with many valuable health ingredients. So let's consider whether removal of egg yolks and eating only egg white is a reasonable option. First, you need to ask yourself the question: what is the reason for separation of components of eggs and consumption of one of them only. Well, the argument that addresses such a statement is the fact that yolk contains high amounts of fat and cholesterol. The first ingredient is still associated by some with overweight and obesity, the second - with peripheral arterial atherosclerosis. The problem is that so far it has not been proven that the cholesterol contained in eggs affects human organism. There is some research, though, that undermine the authenticity of this claim. Based on this, I wrote an article on cholesterol in eggs posted under the link below:

Wrong is also the association of fat present in the eggs with a worry of excessive body weight. It's good to know that the presence of fat in your diet is not a problem. What is problematic is its excess, and the eggs actually contain little of it. More important, however, is that evidence can be found that introducing eggs into your slimming diet can contribute to body fat reduction. You can read more about this issue in the following article:

At this point we have arrived at the conclusion that the motives which encourage many people to get rid of egg yolks are at best questionable, and this strange culinary practise, promoted by the world of fitness, appears to lose its grounds. In order to exhaust the subject, it should be added that it is not the proteins that are the most important ingredients of eggs. Most of the vitamins and minerals, phospholipids and a number of proteins can be found in egg yolk itself. You get rid of the most valuable part of the egg when you separate and chuck away egg yolk.

To sum up

Separating egg whites from egg yolks has no convincing justification, and in most cases makes no sense at all. A much better solution is to eat eggs with egg yolks for they provide you with plenty of valuable nutrients.