How to break the lack of appetite connected to the infection?

The time from January to February is a time when many upper air-passages infections take place. Apart from the fact, that there are many burdensome symptoms, they may cause the appetite problems very easily, what is severely noticeable by people who want to gain their muscle weight. In this guide I'm going to give easy solutions, which may help to cope with this problem.

The infection and the appetite control - weird dependency

The fact, that during the upper air-passages infection we lose the appetite, seems quite strange. The body itself should want to be nutritioned in the right way, and to have 'power' to fight the intruders like viruses or bacteria. The reason of this problem is really complicated and may be connected even with the fact, that the mechanisms responsible for receiving the taste and smell impressions are disabled. Another reason may be for example the disorder of digestive track, and even fever or feverishness. The most important in this situation is the fact that the body during the infection may 'forget' to send us the signals making us consume. What's more, the dishes served may taste bad or ever inedible. What can be done in such a situation?

First of all - eat tastefully

Even though the taste receptors are rather dimmed during the infection, when we combine the products properly, the dish may become quite tasty. It is important to choose the products that have clear taste an - attention - colours. Thanks to this, the dish will be more attractive and more pleasant to eat. During the infection you may even want to prepare your favourite, but not eaten for a long time dishes, or some classical solutions, like broth with noodles or desserts, like milk with honey (not necessarily together with the broth). I have to warn the lovers of the 'bodybuilding diet', that the solution of a 'chicken breast with rice and broccoli' may become inedible.

Second of all - blend

The easiest method to make the dish easy to eat is to blend it. Of course, not everything can be served this way, but some deffinitely do. The easiest example is the porridge. Cereal, milk, fruits, nuts - all the ingredients can be blended into a tasty and nutritious coctail. The situation is similar with the soups - the creamy ones will be eaten easily. You can, of course, blend the meat, eggs, potatoes in soups, which will increase their nutricious value. When it comes to the desserts, smoothies made from different fruits are the best solution. This type of cocktails are not only tasty, but also very rich in the substances that support the immune system.

What if it doesn't help?

Even though the right nutrition of the body has major effect on our health and silhouette composition, if the meals consumption becomes problematic, despite the procedures mentioned above - you shouldn't force yourself to it. One, two, or even three days of lower energy income may not become a problem in the context of efficiency of the immune system or building the muscle weight. If the body clearly does not want to intake any food, you should at least use a compromise solution and not force yourself to eat.