The "dangerous" gym, how to work out and survive

For many people going to the gym seems to be a very dangerous, easy-to-get-injured place. What's the reason for such thinking? Most of all, the association of the gym with free weights, heavy weights, equipment that looks like torture tools and - unfortunately stereotype thinking takes over - with musclemen, who are rather not so clever but workout in this place.

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Tired, nervous and hungry... give yourself a miss on strength workout

For many people, strength training - just like any other form of exercising - is a great remedy for shaking off a weak day. And, as long as your psycho-physical state doesn't influence the way you behave at the gym, use this cure. However, if you finally get to your workout after few sleepless nights, hungry, nervous and feverish to the state of yelling at innocent people working out nearby, it's better for you to rather stay at home, or choose such a physical activity,that wouldn't be a threat to yourself and others.

Tiredness, hunger and nervousness make you are far less careful, your thoughts run freely to a totally different place than the gym, and the concentration on the technique, appropriate weight selection or  moving safely around the gym simply doesn't exist.

If you are not certain - ask!

Every one of us started their adventure with weights once, everybody had to learn the technique and get to know the equipment. Even changing the place that you go to - also for people with long experience - means learning the layout  and the use of new equipment from scratch. When you are not sure how to exercise, or you have no idea how to use a particular machine - instead of figuring it out by yourself - ask an instruktor ar an advanced person for help.

If you are a beginner and you think you perform well each exercise, ask the trainer to cotrol your moves. In the best case bad technique will show no effects, in the worst - it will be a straight way to injury.

Talk and ask others only when they have breaks (never in the middle of the series!!)

There is nothing more distracting and disturbing during a series than a person who comes and asks hard questions like: "How much have you got left?", "Can I take these weights when you finish?", "Can you protect me in a second?". Not only will you make the others distracted and you'll ruin their workout, but also you'll make their movement less certain in the moment of distraction, which may cause e.g. dropping the weight, losing balance, or in the best scenario the 'bad' look and in the worst - a retort, short and succinct.

Take flip-flops to the shower, that is an appropriate attire and shoes

As long as - assuming you disinfect the equipment after use - lacking a towel is forgivable, having an inappropriate attire is not. Too tight or uncomfortable trousers will make it much harder to work out properly (so the injury factor increases), and inappropriate shoes (simply saying coming to the gym in flip-flops, especially to the free weight area) may cause you will hurt yourself, e.g. fall from a treadmill, accidentally bump a machine with a toe, or become a victim of an uncontrolled drop of a weight from somebody's hand, which may cause a very painful contact of this weight with your uncovered foot.

You lack the technique - don't come to the weight area

This topic has been covered in many articles, but it is still very present. Especially the beginners, if they don't want to show they are 'fresh', they try - by using much bigger weight than they are able to - to make the impression of experienced. Not only do they lose themselves, but also they become a threat for all others because they don't control the weight and are unpredictable.

Take care of the neatness, do not hold the equipment

A person that gathers the light weights, barbells etc. around and does not want to share with others for even one series causes a pity laugh, but also violence, especially during 'rush hours', when the equipment is occupied in 100%. Of course, having the fact that a person may be nervous by such behavior or even say a few unpleasant but honest things on mind, you should't let such a situation to happen.

However, when you take and gather many weights and devices and put them around, you automatically make a lot of mess, which increases the risk of somebody's tripping, falling and bumping into you while you exercise. Take care of the safety of yourself, as well as the others. Do not spread your 'toys' wherever you want, and after your workout put everything back to its place.

Be watchful as a dragonfly! Control everything that happens around.

You think you are totally safe following all the above rules? Unfortunately, you are not. Of course, if you use them, you make the risks mitigate, but you must have your eyes around your head (fortunately, there are mirrors in the gym,
which not only makes the technique control easier, but also thanks to the reflex and instant reaction, helps to prevent many from oppression), because the behavior of many people is on the edge of reckless and stupid actions.