Cold? Flu? This food is a must in your diet!

During upper air-passages infection it is essential not only to rest and use proper medicines, but also - what we eat. Food is the source of components, which, on the one hand, support the condition of the immune system, and on the other hand, can be fatal to pathogenic micro organisms. In this guide I am going to look closely at some of the foods, that are worth eating while "anti-flu diet".

Soft-boiled eggs

As it is commonly known, egg is one of the richest in necessary components food ever. Despite the high level of high-value proteins, vitamins, minerals and phosphatides, 
it also contains  many non-nutritious compounds, which show a potential positive influence on the human body's functioning. Some of these substances, e.g. lysozyme or cystatine,
show germicidal and antivirus properties. Eggs are recommended to eat after heat treatment, however, frying and boiling may cause some loses of its components, that is why it is worth considering
to eat eggs in a semi-raw form for health purposes.



It is known for a long time, that a bowl of hot broth may bring relief when a person has a cold or flu. What's interesting, the legitimacy of introducing this dish to the diet during infection
has its reflection not only in "folk wisdom", but also in scientific research. There is evidence, that in a traditionally prepared broth there are compounds that influence the immune system. 
One of te basic mechanisms, which make the broth anti-flu, is the influence of substances that are present in it on the process of migration of neutrophils along with the anti-inflammation properties. Therefore, including broth
in a diet seems to be a really good idea.

Citrus smoothie

Fruits are a really rich source of many precious for our health components. They also deliver substances, that support the work of the immune system, as well as help fight infections. It is not only vitamine C, but also flavonoids,
such as rutin, quercetin, naringin, and many others. These substances show antivirus, antibacterial and antifunghi effect. Citrus fruit seem to be the most needed component of the diet, along with kiwi, apples, berries. 
It is a good idea to prepare smoothie desert out of them. There are plenty of combinations when it comes to such coctails. Everything depends on the imagination and taste preferences.

Precious additions

Apart from the dishes and deserts metioned earlier, it is also worth to include a few precious additions, such as spices and drinks, that could also support the fight against infection. Such spices as curcuma or ginger, that have
warming and anti-microbes properties are especially recommended. Garlic is obviously a very precious addition, as it exterminates the bacteria and viruses, but also prevents from the complication of trivial infections.
Green tea is also very useful when it comes to the fight against infection - the catechins that are present in it block the ability of pathogenic viruses to grow in number. Teas made of lime tree or elderberry are also very useful.