"Because all exercises are for arms..." or a ladie's first visit to the gym

"I would like to slim my thighs, tone my abdomen, remove bat wings (loose skin on triceps), firm and lift up my buttocks, but I don't want to grow any muscles whatsoever. I do not want to be like a bodybuilder!" - how often does a fitness instructor or a personal coach hear such or smiliar speech. Of course, these words are usually delivered by ladies who have little understanding on dietary-training issues but extremely high requirements in terms of results.

For a woman, as a matter of fact for a large majority of women, the body is not unity but consists of many elements which, according to ladies, can be "edited", shaped, they want one element to be slimmed down, other - enlarged (like buttocks or chest), yet another: given more flexibility, and it all to be firmer and of better shape.

Well, the truth is ugly but it's important to put it bluntly:

You can not change only one selected part of your body!

A knowledgeable and experienced instructor/trainer would immediately confront such requirements with reality. He would explain that there is no physical possibility of having a nicely firm body without muscle tissue. After all, muscles "create" our bodies, they shape the body! You can't have sexy bottom that is devoid of muscles. It is impossible to get rid of "bat wings" with cardio training itself and some reduction diet. You can indeed reduce the circuit of your triceps but instead of a beautiful shoulder, you will have loose frail skin.

Please change my training so that there weren't so many exercises for my arms!

Very often you can come across ladies who complain about the amount of exercise involving arms muscles. When asked what exactly they mean, they enumerate: push press, pushups, bench press, down pulley to your chest or stomach. A wise trainer should explain that hands and arms are used to "hold" the load in such situation, and what is really "working" are: chest, back or shoulders. Those instructors who would only want to please new club members, or a "trainer" who would not able to determine exactly which part of your body actually works during a specific training, would simply arrange a workout involving legs (you know, the most significant are slender thighs and firm bottom) and tummy (to gain nice shape). Unfortunately, after a few weeks of training it turns out that not only the selected parts of your muscles haven't changed into ideal ones, but also aggravated body shape and strength disparities are becoming more and more apparent.

Ladies who don't listen to good pieces of advice of their instructors, all have the following features in common: hunched backs, frail shoulders, they occupy a hip abductor machine (with a newspaper). Unfortunately, you can't force them to change their minds. Everyone needs to see and understand for themselves that the body cannot be divided into parts. It should be seen and treated as a "whole". Then, especially when additionally aided with a proper diet, satisfying results will appear very quickly.