How soon after waking up should I eat breakfast?

There is a firm conviction that breakfast should be eaten immediately after waking up. Both dietitians and doctors unanimously recommend ensuring adequate nutrition starting early in the morning. The problem is that not everyone is keen to fulfil such recommendations. A lot of people wake up to a "squeezed stomach" and craving for something to eat in their case appears after tens ofl minutes, and sometimes - even a few hours. And at this point the question arises: is it a sin against health and good shape to move breakfast in ime? And is there any best time to have your first meal?

The most important meal of the day – are you sure?

Breakfast is often referred to as "the most important meal during the day". This is due to the fact that this is the first meal after all-night's fasting when current energy reserve from food digested in the evening are already exhausted. According to popular slogans, adequate nutrition in the period immediately following awakening ensures a "good start" and "energy for the whole day". However, if you consider this statement more deeply, it will soon turn out that it is built on a rather frail foundation. There is no rational reason to believe that it is more important than lunch or, notorious, dinner.

As a matter of fact, no one has proved so far that omission of breakfast or a porly balanced breakfast has worse consequences than omission or incorrect balancing of lunch. Creating charts which show how one meal is of greater importance than another makes no sense whatsoever. If we were to settle this issue once and for all, we would have to take into account individual factors such as amount of physical activity or intellectual strain in a given period of the day. Why do I mention all of this? Well, I believe that it is important in the context of this article to note that breakfast is no different from any other meal, and its consumption does not relate to any specific restrictions, assumptions or circumstances.

The best time to eat breakfast

We already know that breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal of the day, or at least that there is no evidence that could prove it is more important for the functioning of the body than, for example, dinner. We also know that it should be regarded within the same criteria as other meals. At this point we can ask the question if there is any time most suitable for breakfast consummation? It turns out that the answer to this question is as difficult as finding the perfect time for lunch or dinner. You can not specify universal time at which it is best to eat. It is widely accepted that breakfast is eaten in the morning, lunch around noon or in the early afternoon and dinner in the evening. But is there any injuction to have your first meal immediately after opening your eyes in the morning? The answer is: no. Similarly there is no order or necesity to have dinner at 6:00 p.m. sharp. In practice, you may consume your breakfast an hour after you get out of bed, and dinner two hours before bedtime.