How to quickly build muscles. The Ten Commandments for mass: part 1

Contrary to appearances, not all aesthetic problems of the body can be narrowed down to excess of body fat. In fact, we live in times when the problem of overweight and obesity affects a large part of Western civilization, but there are many people who not necessarily want to lose weight. They dream of simply gaining muscles. Nicely sculpted aesthetic body shape cannot be, by definition, deprived of visible muscles.

So what should be done to maximize the volume of the biceps, to sculpt the chest and form a visible six pack on your abdomen? There are several elements that are necessary to maintain any progress and some that can accelerate the process of muscle growth. Well thought-out combination of all of these aspects will help you see the first results within a short period of time.

No. 1: exercise muscles!

In order to build anything you need to introduce elements of strength training. Running in the woods or riding a bike will help you build your fitness, will help your reduce fat, but it won't help you develop muscles. Unless you are a professional sprinter or mountain biker a resistance training is necessary for muscles to grow.

No. 2: do the basic exercises

Do you remember squats you had to do in your PE class? If this exercise seems silly to you, then you must change your approach if you want to do at least one decent training session. Squats, push-ups, pull ups using your own body weight or rowing and various free weights presses (with barbells, dumbbells) are way better than even the most sophisticated machines.

No. 3: add weight

Do you want progression? You have to move forward all the time. Muscles need to have a trigger to grow, and your mere liking the idea of having nice musculature is not enough. Gradually increase the load but let yourself be guided by a common sense and not rashness. If you keep adding 10 kg to the bar each week, you will quickly end your career of a bodybuilder due to overtraining or injury.

No. 4: remember about good regeneration

Muscles grow when you rest. This does not mean that you have to lie back and spend a week flicking through TV channels. After an intense effort you need a minimum of 24-48 hours to rest. So there is no point torturing your chest with exercises every day, or twice a day.

No. 5: do not spend too much time at the gym

If you think that hours spent at the gym translate proportionally to the rate of muscle mass increase, then yes, they translate, but unfavourably. Strength training should last 45-60 minutes. Then cortisol comes into play, a hormone that destroys your efforts for bigger biceps. You have one hour - use it wisely.