A weightloss chocolate diet

There aren't many people in this world, who can honestly say they dislike chocolate. The popularity of this treat makes it hard to resist, even when someone decides to reduce body fat. It is worth considering whether adding some amounts of chocolate to your diet will destroy your figure or-if it can be allowed.


Chocolate calories

With no doubt chocolate isn’t a particularly low-calorie products out there. In basically all forms it is a source of a powerful energy rush, coming mainly from sugars and fats. On average, a single bar of chocolate supplies your body with around 500 kcal. It's an equivalent of a single meal consisting of one bag of rice and 150g of chicken breast with some vegetables. It's also worth noting, that eating a bar of chocolate is usually easier than consuming the aforementioned meal. As such, both the amount of calories the chocolate contains and the ease with which you can consume large amounts of it at once, place it as a „high risk” product, when it comes to its potential influence on your figure. There is the other side of this „coin” however. 

An interesting study.

A group of researchers from Grenada's University conducted a study with almost 1500 participants of both genders, aging 12 to 17. During the study the researchers investigated how chocolate consumption influenced the body mass, composition and distribution of fat. Participants recorded everything they ate during two days in a computer program. It turned out that those who ate  more had lower overall weight, along with lower levels of fat and – attention - lower amount of visceral fat. The results were not tied to physical activity nor eating habits other than chocolate consumption!

The aforementioned research does not prove anything yet, but it does suggest the existence of a curious connection. However, the intriguing part is that those results are not a sole case. Similar conclusions were reached by the authors of a study on over 1000 adult men and women aging between 20 and 85. This research also showed that people more willing to indulged  in an occasional piece of chocolate have lower body weight than those who don't.


Does the research show that chocolate has slimming properties, or that at least you can consume it with impunity while enjoying a slim figure? Of course, the answer to both these questions is „no”. Nevertheless it is worth noting, that the influence of eating chocolate on your figure is not all so apparent. Cocoa seeds are a source of an interesting mixture of chemical compounds, that that have a positive influence on our organisms. There are some clues pointing to the fact that polyphenols in the chocolate intensify fat burning and lessen its distribution in adipocytes. It is also possible, that those substances influence the process of regulating hunger, resulting in longer gaps between meals.

All this suggests that, despite being calorie-heavy, chocolate is not as bad for our figure as you would think. Some amounts of the sweet treat can be added to the diet-even a fat loss one. It is worth to remember about moderation in consumption, as overindulging in it can lead to gaining fat tissue. Of course it is best to reach for dark chocolate, with high amounts of cocoa.