The truth about women - nutrition and fitness trivia

Women and their dietary preferences, predispositions and requirements are a subject frequently researched by many scientists from different fields. Some of the conclusions concerning a fit lifestyle are certainly worth your attention. Your sex is an important factor diversifying and influencing the outlook on everyday topics concerning health, weight loss and exercise.

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Optimists have it easier

In every woman's life, sooner or later, comes the moment when they make a decision to "go on a diet". The reasons may vary, but in most cases they want to improve the appearance, followed by wanting to improve their health. As it turns out, the ladies with an optimistic outlook on life more often succeed in making lasting changes in their diets and get the results they dreamed of. It's the same with kicking the bad habits or introducing regular physical activity - women with a positive attitude towards themselves and the world succeed much more often in these battles.

Long live the men - thanks to women!

Although there are many anecdotes, indicating that men's lives are effectively shortened by the nagging of their wives (partners), the statistics point to something different. Married men live longer - due to the fact that most single men cannot take care of themselves properly. Left to their own devices they eat poorly, forget about regularly visiting the doctor - not to mention that even setting up their laundry might prove to be a challenge. What's most interesting, though, one of the studies suggests that there's a correlation not only between the fact of having a wife/partner, but also her education and IQ. To sum it up - a wise woman may have a positive impact on the life expectancy of his man (regardless of his education and intelligence)

Women and chocolate

The love of chocolate is typical not only for women, but also for men, but an addiction to the chocolate-y sweets is statistically more common in women. It's a reaction to stress and the hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. Binging on chocolate is the easiest way to relieve at least some of the tension connected with the approaching menstruation. What's the scientist's take on that? There are rising voices about the chocolate cravings being a social construct, having mostly a psychological cause. Thanks to the visible symptoms of the PMS, there's an excuse to binge on sweets.

Women act more strategically!

One of the greatest obstacles to healthy diet practice is - to a typical male - the limited availability of nutritious food. If a man cannot find what he looks for in his vicinity, he will probably reach for a junk food alternative. Women don't give up in such situations - they will put more effort into finding unprocessed food. Research points to the fact that for a male the most problematic aspect of dieting is the lack of healthy alternatives (e.g. low availability of fresh fruit and vegetables). Women put in such situation usually do not give up.

What attractive in a man?

It turns out that women - among all visual traits - pay exceptional attention to the color and condition of the skin. Guys who eat their vegetables and fruits, providing their bodies with enough carotenoids, are more popular among the ladies, since their skin takes on a golden shade. That's a subconscious signal that the man is taking good care of himself, his immune system works fine, and he's ready for reproduction. Investing in your health and a balanced diet might be an important attractiveness factor not only in terms of improving your body's appearance.