Is bread really fattening?

In recent years, a new trend has appeared: not eating of bread. In popular belief bread is considered the main culprit to overweight and obesity. Interestingly, consumption of bread in Poland is constantly declining by a few percent. This year bread purchase is expected to further decrease of at least 1%. Although it seems insignificantly little, the trend has persisted for more than a decade, and there is no indication that it is about to change. Meanwhile, a number of people with excessive body fat grows at an alarming pace.

The situation reminds the one of "the anti-fat campaign" when fat (mostly saturated) and fatty food was to be blamed for the problem of overweight and obesity. Although general consupmtion of fats has been reduced thanks to this campaign, the problem of obesity has remained unsolved. On the contrary: it has grown bigger. This conclusion leads to a certain reflection: it is quite possible that it is not just one nutrient or food product that is the main cause for problems with excessive corpulence, but rather a group of agents with particular regard to disproportionate total intake of calories and poor quality of consumed food.

So it is true that bread make you fat? Yes it does. But only when eaten in excess. Similarly, millet will also have fattening properties. Oatmeal, sirloin, as well as bananas and many other food products. If eaten too much. So should we give up on them? Of course not. Just keep moderation in eating.

In the case of bread there is one important issue: well, hardly anyone eats bread without any additives. Butter, margarine, cream cheese spread, jam... we all are in the habit of using spreads which usually provide more calories than a slice of even the most caloric bread. Two slices of dry bread make about 200-300 kcal. Two slices of bread with margarine is over twice as much. If you add a slice of cheese, sausage and little mayonnaise you receive a "fast food" packed with homemade calories your body will immediately stock. If you are to put the whole blame on the poor little slice of bread, you'd better reconsider how caloric is its luggage it's carrying on its back.