Wrong habits and body aesthetics

A healthy and well-thought way of eating, regular and well-planned physical activity, persistence in achieving goals, positive attitude to life and oneself - these are only some of the features of people who have satisfactory effects in work on their bodies. What are the characteristics of people who are bound to fail?

Negative comparison to others

One of the easiest ways of losing motivation and lowering self-esteem is negative comparison to other people and putting oneself in worse position - without any chance of reaching the perfection. This mistake is mostly copied by people who have just started their work on the body aesthetics - inappropriate comparison to others who come to the gym regularly and those who care about their nutrition for a long time may diminish personal accomplishments and take away the willingness to further action. Research shows that when people compare themselves negatively to others, it may cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, develop depression and it may even increase the risk of suicidal attempts.

Unconstructive reliving the past

It's good to draw conclusions from the past events in order to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Reliving the outdated situations again and again, reopening the failures and adding salt to some "old wounds" is highly unconstructive and influences making decisions, as well as the motivation to action, in a negative way. You cannot change the things that already happened - you can only shape up your future. By remembering all the failures connected with the improvement of body aesthetics, it's worth thinking about their real reasons - excess emotions make it harder to assess the situation and move forward to action.

Convincing oneself about the hopelessness

"I am fat and ugly", "I can't make it", "I'm not good enough", "I'm bound to fail" - these are only some ways of reassuring oneself in the belief of one's hopelessness. The consequence is lowering self-esteem, complexes, frustration... And they can be avoided by learning how to be good for oneself. Because if we do not appreciate ourselves, who will? And our way of thinking influences our emotions and behaviour, it can take away or add strength to act. It is not worth being your own enemy and the biggest critic.

Fear of failure and making mistakes

Only the one who does nothing is infallible. The fear of failure may be strong enough to take away any willingness to act. However, this fear can be mitigated - by looking for recommended specialists in the field of nutrition and training, by enriching the knowledge and learning to draw constructive conclusions from one's mistakes. The way to achieving dream body is long and hard but you will never reach your aim if you don't risk.


You don't have to have unattractive body. Proper nutrition and regular activity is one thing, and the other is your attitude towards yourself and the world around.  You should know that people who compare themselves negatively with others, relive their past and and are afraid of failure have much harder way to achieving success.