Boredom munchies - an easy way to get out of shape

Usually, we reach out for poor quality food when we don't have the time or possibility to prepare a nutritious meal. Ironically, it also often happens that we turn to cookies and fast foods when we have too much time at hand and we're bored

Boredom is unhealthy!

Boredom is sometimes called the emotional purgatory - it's not linked to particularly positive emotions or negative feelings. It springs from the internal void, the stability and predictability of the environment, and the lack of stimuli pushing us to act. Psychologist stress that boredom is a state that occurs to almost everyone. In extreme cases it could lead to loneliness, deep frustration, elevated aggression and increases the risk of addiction. The scientists have observed that boredom is often less-than-helpful if you’re trying to keep an aesthetical and fit figure - it makes us reach for unhealthy and low-quality snacks more often.

 Boredom and bad habits

The feeling of boredom causes the need for an instant pleasure, a fix of sorts - that's why sugary, refined foods are in such demand, including sweets (in other cases also cigarettes, alcohol, sex - all of them stimulate the pleasure center in the brain). Problems begin when we start to rely too heavily on these sources and the feeling of boredom starts to affect us increasingly. These methods to relieve boredom can soon lead to the state where nothing else will be able to give us pleasure, untill all that is left will be the habit, which - with repetition - will become harder to break the more it is repeated.

Strategies to relieve boredom

As we now know, eating out of boredom can be a significant handicap to improving your physique. Is there anything could  you do to avoid boredom and minimize its negative influence on the reward center in the brain? Unfortunately, a single, universal method does not exist. First of all you should start with tossing out all the junk food - both from home and the place you spend your time at. You have to give up "hoarding" sweets, for when the boredom strikes, and there won't be any unhealthy snacks around, the chances are  that you won't eat any. The second significant factor is avoiding routine and monotony - both in everyday life and on your plate. To do that you can try going out to a good restaurant once in a while, and inviting your friends and family for a shared meal. It's also good to diversify your trainings and try to find new hobbies and interests. You should keep in mind that the pleasures of life should come from more than one source - limiting yourself to a single one isn't the best idea.


Boredom may prove destructive to both your health and fitness - it encourages binging and making bad nutritional choices. Breaking away from routine and monotony is a way to relieve boredom in your everyday life –and by doing that you will keep your brain stimulated.