Are your beliefs on slimming right?

Slimming before holidays is very popular and a bit stressful, especially among those who weren't able to implement New Year's resolutions on healthy eating and regual activity in life. Because the topic of losing weight is present, there appears a lot of information and beliefs, which are worth commenting on – in order to achieve satisfatory results. Here are the most popular ones:

There is only one proper way of achieving dream figure – best defined as “eat less (the best would be 6 times a day) and move more”, or “you can eat everything, but with moderation”. Many people also believe that effective slimming plans are only for the rich. Whereas, the truth seems to be a bit different. There are many efficient ways of improving body composition and losing excess body fat. However, the key is to adjust those methods to a person's demands, needs and abilities. The common feature of all effective methods is permanent change in the way of eating, including proper energy deficit and basing menu on unprocessed food products, as well as resigning from sitting-lying lifestyle.

I will cope with the problem myself – there's nothing wrong in fighting with excess kilograms on one's own. Many people are able to shape their bodies without any help. However, there is a big group of people who experience failure when they act alone and base their actions on their own intuition and some information they hear. It's good to know that fighting for better figure is not easy – especially for people who haven't been interested in matters concerning healthy eating. That's why the support wil be necessary and will definitely increase the chance of success of the whole venture, it will also lower the risk of making basic mistakes. I'm not talking about the specialists', such as dietitian or trainer, help but about the support of the closest family, friends and acquaintances – knowing they're around influences the effectiveness of reduction in a positive way, what is confirmed by scientists.

The more I sacrifice, the better results I will achieve – it is surprising that this belief leads to limiting food as much as possible. As it is commonly known, starving is not the best way of losing excess weight – it usually ends up with damaging the whole body, worsening of health and body composition. Because we need spectacular, fast effects, we are even able to risk our health hoping that “maybe I'm the lucky one who will lose 20cm from waistline in a week”. It's much harder to “sacrifice”, have additional physical activity and eat according to the needs of the body. It happens because the vision of instant, yet doubtful, results is more tempting than those certain, yet distant. Another form of commitment that we are able to make in order to improve the effectiveness of reduction is spending, sometimes hardly earned, money for a number of “miraculous” substances – advertised by people who have built the figure of a model within 3 weeks.


The topic connected with losing weight is very popular, which leads to distributing untrue beliefs. It's good to keep cautious – inappropriate attitude towards reduction of body fat may make it harder to achieve satisfactory effects.