Chili pepper: a natural thermogenic

You don't need to convince anyone who had the opportunity to try it that after having a chilli pepper it gets really hot! It turns out that this effect can be used in a functional way to help weight loss! No, it's not a mistake. Capsaicin found in chili is a natural and strong thermogenic!

Chili and capsaicin

Chili peppers are a source of many interesting substances such as vitamins and minerals. Particularly interesting activity, however, is the one of capsaicin: an organic chemical compound with strong irritant and thermogenic properties. In the old days capsaicin was used to briefly blind enemies, and Indians used to chew chili peppers to numb toothache. Today this alkaloid is a component of pepper spray.

Capsaicin affects the vanilloid receptor (which is activated under the influence of high temperature), which is accompanied by burning sensation, sometimes severe pain. It leads to physical increase of body temperature that is related to release of catecholamines from the adrenal Medulla (adrenaline and noradrenaline). This is how it causes metabolism to speed up and lipolysis to intensify. However, this is a temporary effect. But it appears that capsaicin can have extended thermogenic properties!

Newly discovered properties of capsaicin

If thermogenic properties of capsaicin was restricted only to stimulating vanilloid receptors, it would be very short and would wear off after a few minutes. In practice, however, thermogenic effect after consumption of this substance lasts longer. Recent publications suggest that this is connected to the fact that this alkaloid changes the activity of a protein called SERCA that occurs in muscle tissue. As a result, it causes some "disorder" of transport of calcium ions in muscle cells in such a way that a substantial part of energy generated during metabolism is dispersed as heat. It's a bit as if you would take a lid off your pot while boiling water: more energy 'goes to waste'.

To sum up

Bearing in mind the above mentioned properties of capsaicin, you can venture to say that hot dishes are more shape-friendly than mild ones. You can make a good use of this fact when composing your slimming menu.