Living with a working out girl – you should know about that!

People who are not physically active or who train on the amateur level, have no clue how much different is the life of people for whom training and keeping the diet is sanctity. Perfect silhouette looking great in a swimming suit on a beach or on a stage is one thing, and the other is the rigor and daily schedule planned in the smallest detail. Preparing meals, training and regeneration – you must be frustrated that those factors make your days. Is there anything else you should know about? Of course!

She eats. Sometimes even more than you

I'm sure many gentlemen would be very surprised how much food/ calories a medium weight woman can eat. What can be also astonishing, working out women do not only eat loads of sweets (I train so I can eat them – I'm sure you've heard this theory from the amateurs), but they value balanced meals a lot, they like meat, fish, eggs. Their meals are differentiated, usually planned, very often prepared earlier – geared up.

Does such an active woman let herself have a worse moment and eat a meal in a restaurant or a nice romantic bistro? Of course she does, but don't ask her out to such a place when she's preparing to a competition because that's when her menu is subordinate to sport. You can count on a nice company and appreciation of your invitation in a non-competition period.

First training, then the rest of life

For many people such an order may be hard to accept, but for professionals it is the basis. Workout will win with going out for a beer, a good film or – especially in a competition period – family celebration with a table full of food. When your friends have good party, your girlfriend will sweat at the gym.

What can you count on? Don't think it will be boring or idly. Your sporty partner will probably take care of you so that you do something interesting, too. Swimming pool, rollerblades, shared training – passion can join people. If you hate any kind of physical activity... well, it's possible that it will decide about your relationship.

Sports clothes are all over her wardrobe!

The fact that your partner usually wears sports clothes doesn't mean that she can't wear anything else. However, it's not a secret, it's much more comfortable to be in such clothes (especially when she spends most of the day actively) and – you must have noticed that – those clothes beautifully emphasize her shape.

So, don't complain that she buys another pair of leggins or a fitted top – she looks great in them!

She has muscles, very good fitness condition, she does her best at the gym – and she's proud of that!

Many men think that during exercises women read magazines, yawn, they are very bored, look for a candidate for husband or (more or less visibly) send text messages. They couldn't be more wrong! Don't you believe it? You should definitely go to any fitness class or look at women exercising with free weights at the gym. Many of you would be surprised that they carry much bigger load than some men. In addition, they are tough, determined, they don't give up and don't like to let it go.

Go for a work out together but expect that perhaps – especially if you don't train on the everyday basis – she may be better than you. Is it the reason to be ashamed? Definitely not! It's a great call-up to work and the reason to be proud of your woman.

Never, ever do this!

Don't criticize, don't laugh at her passion, don't try to compete with her – because you'll lose... When you decide on life with a working out girl, you have to accept her lifestyle and support what she's doing. She'll definitely appreciate the fact that you are her biggest fan, her motivation and the one she can cry with after a defeat.