Perfectly imperfect

For many months, even years you have functioned as a declared opponent of physical activity and an admirer of everything what's unhealthy, fattening, on the mode of "party", "university", "I have no time". And suddenly, you look into the mirror with astonishment and you notice cruel reality - you look awful! The mirror and taken off clothes have shown what cannot be covered under any make-up - unkempt, flaccid (not necessarily extra extra large) body. And then it hits you...

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Complete change of lifestyle!
A few weeks before you hated any sports, you "organized" PE release at school without second thoughts and now you attend fitness classes 6 times a week, you "fell in love" with gym workouts and you cannot live without the enorfines after the morning jog. You have your training diary with the notes on the loads and achievements...
There isn't any unhealthy, highly processed or "junk" food in your diet, you started buying only organic food, meat from the butcher's, you'll never eat chicken again (hormones of course!), you won't eat in a restaurant because you don't know the origin of the food and (what's equally scary) you don't know the calorific content and macro elements in the meal and you tell all your friends that they shouldn't join tomato with fresh cucumber in one salad. Exactly.

"Converting" the others
You suddenly notice what big mistakes both, training and dietetic, your friends and family make. You start to advise, teach, point out, improve and make everybody happy without being asked for.  But your "help" does not influence changing their habits, they also start to avoid you or try not to mention topics concerning nutrition and exercises when you're around.
You cannot understand that one has to take time to come to decision of changes and there's no possibility of implementing them forcibly. You slowly start to avoid those people, resign from any meetings and if you go anywhere, you always have a food container. Of course everything - proteins, fat and carbs - are thoroughly counted... You start freaking out on a thought of eating out because they would obviously add some sugar or mayo to the salad - and all your counting and "perfectly" planned diet would fall apart. You are certain it would "flood" you, your muscles would deflate and all the work would be ruined. You stop having fun and stop using the possibilities your life brings.

Is it still a healthy lifestyle or an obsession?
Although you look much better, the changes you introduced in your life start to beset you. You feel like losing your freedom, the list of sacrifices gets longer, you cannot do more and more things or you are afraid of doing them. When kitchen scale becomes your best friend, you choose training over a fantastic trip and you refuse to eat a small piece of birthday cake or anything else on your best friend's birthday party, you have a problem!
It's highly possible that after the first changes in your body you'll start to feel discomfort that further changes don't come as fast as at the beginning. Instead of feeling happy about what you've achieved, you start feeling down and look for hundreds of imperfections that "now, at the moment" have to be improved. Driven by the need of improving your body you loop yourself more and more.

It will not work!
Of course, physical activity, together with healthy balanced nutrition are extremely important because they influence not only our looks, but also our mood, but it's improtant to do it wisely. A piece of pie eaten once in a while, a romantic dinner with the loved one or grilled sausage during weekend will definitely not influence badly your figure. The same is with training: when you are not a professional sportsperson, leaving one workout and going to the party instead will not make your body look badly.
Only think how much happier is a person, who is satisfied with his/her life; when s/he has no constant feeling of refusing something, resigning from something or having to improve something all the time. Be happy with what you have achieved, be proud of yourself, use your life. Allow yourself to be imperfect because there are no perfect people. Don't let the situation when one small fold of fat on your abs is more important than your friends, family, or fun.
Let yourself be imperfect!