Non-working out man in the eyes of an active woman – a (non-)perfect relationship

You were able to read about the promlems and obstacles that a man, whose partner does sports for a living and for whom diet is priority, has to cope with in one of the articles published quite recently.

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Living with a working out girl – you should know about that!

“Living with a working out girl – you should know about that”

As you can see, it may be sometimes hard, and when there is no understanding in a relationship, it may not last for a long time. And how does a training woman perceive a non-active man? It may seem the same matter but from a different perspective... Enjoy the reading.

“Large size means large love” - let's not exaggerate!

We all know this adorable argument, which is supposed to justify having few excess kilograms. Of course, life is life and it's not possible to be in the best shape at all times, the same thing is with the mood. However, in a situation when a handsome man who takes care of himself and looks well, suddenly starts to transform from a masculine bear into a teddy bear because of his own lack of willingness to move, and he likes it... well, he does not become more attractive and appealing thanks to that. And the most difficult thing to accept are not the kilograms, but the laziness, letting go and lack of motivation.

“Stay/lie down/sit down/come with me” - again?

Spending time together in a relationship is a very important matter, however, you should give each other some space for your own passions. Resigning from/ forcing to resign from yourself for the benefit of the partner takes away something that used to develop, caused pleasure, gave satisfaction, it may also end up terribly, when the relationship doesn't last and it occurs that it's not it. Then you stay with... nothing.

Holidays: for her – jump, run, sightseeing; for him – lie down, sunbathe, drink

What can be done in such a situation? There are many options. A trip in a big group of people and spending time as you wish, so that nobody feels badly or forced to sacrifices. Spending vacations fifty-fifty, i.e. both, actively, as well as lounging (as long as such option can be worked out). There is also travelling separately... - but are these really good solutions?

In case when both partners feel good with it, have fun and feel “taken care of” - awesome! It gets worse when some negative emotions appear, there are quarrels, dissatisfaction, and the feeling of lack of fulfillment – an active partner comes back from vacations frustrated with lying on a beach and looking at the sea, and a man who likes peace and doesn't like any movement/sports comes back home tired with constant walks, moving from one place to another, sightseeing, swimming. And when it has a reflection in the whole life, and not only single trips, it's worth wondering whether it's possible (and if we want) to live this way.

In keeping the relationship and creating a satisfactory connection following things may be helpful:

  • the fact that the partner, although not training, has a hobby, which is as addictive as her workouts. In that situation he is able to understand that there's more (than just TV, remote control and an armchair in front of it), and what can be developing, pleasant and satisfactory. Such a man has his own life thanks to his passions, his separate worlds, and gives his partner a full right to have her own private space, too.

  • knowing that a relationship is not only two people who start to be together and, therefore, leave everything they did before to become 'us', but the space in which each of them can still function as a 'single one' – with the full right to have their own interests and passions.

  • taking care of each other, giving time to one another and finding such a common ground/ common hobby, which will satisfy both parties – even if it was playing the console for the whole night ;)

A relationship between a physically active person and the one that doesn't like it can be hard and frustrating enough to make it senseless. The non-training partner may have constant feeling that the woman wants to change him, or that he is forced to something that brings no joy, whereas the woman may feel put down all the time, she may have the impression that the closest person is trying to limit her, or take away something that is extremely important for her. Can such a relationship last for many years? Maybe, but will it be satisfying and happy...