Watching TV and health - curiosities

Spending time in front of the flashing TV is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. According to the scientists' observations, as well as personal experience, it is definitely one of the reasons of progressive problems with body mass and composition, and with health among children and adults. Taking under consideration the scale of this phenomenon, it's really worth looking at it closer, including all the curiosities from the scientific world.

Sad films make you eat more

The results of research done by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab show that during watching tragedy films we are more eager to eat fast food, at the same time we eat more of that than during watching comedies. Probable reason of such state is the need of instant compensation of the melancholy and sadness felt during watching such films - and what is better than crisps or ice-cream? Such form of 'easing' the emotional pain may cause the unhealthy relationship with food. That's why, when preparing to watching a 'tearjerker', it's good to have some healthy snacks - e.g. fruits, nuts, bitter chocolate.

Children and nutrition patterns

The fatal effects of constant sitting in front of a TV are visible especially among children, who are exceptionally prone to the fast food or sweets ads. That's the main reason why majority of food companies, specifically those with not so good nutrition value products, prepare their advertising campaigns aiming at the youngest. What's interesting, direct ads are not the only threat. Product placement in films or TV shows has also big impact on children, because they copy their favourite heroes and want to drink and eat what they have.

Culinary shows - the source of not that good inspirations

TV shows on cooking draw quite a lot of interest, especially among people who want to learn how to cook from scratch, or those who look for some new ideas for their menus. It occurs, that watching such shows does not help keeping slim and aesthetic body. Supporting cooking passion is one thing, but it's good to remember that most of those shows have nothing to do with healthy eating. Researchers admit that people who watch a lot of TV shows about cooking much more often eat too much and have more body fat.

Watching TV and depression

Sitting in front of a flashing TV may be a signal of some problems with mental health. Loneliness, long-term state of worse mood, self-control problems are all the features that can be observed with addicted couch potatoes. In extreme cases there is social isolation, problems with weight and body composition rise, there is the feeling of anxiety and self-disappointment, also of one's life. In such situation the help of a psychologist is indispensable.


Hours spent in front of a TV is not only a waste of time, which could be used actively or on other activities. It is a serious problem, which has many negative health results, including those causing bigger weight and worse body composition.