He works out, she doesn't (want to)... - how to live with that?

My two previous articles (“Non-working out man in the eyes of an active woman – a (non-)perfect relationship” and “Living with a working out girl – things you have to know”) have met large interest from you, as well as there have been some requests to write about the matter of a working out man living with a woman, who doesn't even want to hear about any kind of activity – from the men's point of view. I was wondering how to approach this topic being an active woman myself...

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Living with a working out girl – you should know about that!

I made a survey – among training men, I drew some conclusions, and you will find out what my respondents said in a second. So... how to live in a relationship when he trains and she doesn't (want to) – from the men's point of view, but written by a woman. I have to admit, that some answers made by the sterner sex were quite surprising for me. Dear gentlemen (and ladies), if you have any thoughts on this subject, share your opinions – I invite you to write the comments, but, please, take this topic lightly – in a weekend mode.

“Living with a working out girl – things you have to know”

“Non-working out man in the eyes of an active woman – a (non-)perfect relationship”

“If she doesn't want to, let her not do it!”

I heard this expression a couple of times among the men's answers. However, they underlined that a woman has to have her own life, her own hobby/interests, or something that will be as important for her as training for him.

What's interesting – also the men noticed that – it happened very often that women who have working out partners, even without any pressure, decided to start physical activity themselves, they asked for help with the exercises, they showed interest in diet and wanted to take part in preparing the meals, and they also modified their current way of eating. In such situation men felt appreciated, accepted, proud that they can “show off” and be helpful for their women.

When I asked the men about their decision in case when their partner demanded resigning from their training, almost all them said that they would exchange such a woman into another, who would accept his passion, and the one who would be aware that the world does not go around her and her needs.

It's worth remembering that a relationship is a connection of two people, but – what seems to be often forgotten – it does not turn into another formation called “us”. It's extremely important for each person to have their own life space, to be able to develop their own passions and interests, and to be able to fulfill as a person. Of course, it's also very significant to be able to find a common ground, to share a hobby and to manage, as well as want, to spend time together.