Diet vs pimples – worth to know this!

Pimples may be problematic for almost everybody – with different frequency and intensity. Single spots appear in the worst moments yet in the most visible places – on the forehead, chin, nose. Pimples are just like other diseases – it's better to avoid them than cure. How can we minimize their appearance?

Not only hygiene

Those who think stereotypically usually say that pimples are caused by the inadequate personal hygiene. However, such statement is not precise and harmful – the process spots formation depends mainly on other factors, including psychology, hormones and environmental pollution. We still underappreciate the way of eating and lifestyle. Whereas, when we pay attention to the quality and the amount of eaten food, we can simply minimize the risk of appearance of single spots, or mitigate the symptoms of acne. What should we pay attention to?

Which food products increase the probability of pimple formation?

Most of all, it's worth remembering, that diet based on processed food may increase the tendency of eruption. Therefore, it's good to limit sweets, fast food, salty snacks and sweet drinks in the menu, and what would be best – eliminate them completely. Among the high-risk products the specialists also mention dairy products – also that not processed, as well as very spicy and fried dishes. Not many people are aware of the fact that even a very popular peanut butter may cause more frequent eruptions.

Which food products should we pay attention to?

We are aware now which food products we should avoid or limit. To be more precise, I would like to pay attention to specific food components which increase the tendency of pimples formation:

  • excess amount of omega 6 fatty acids, deficiency of omega 3 (disrupted ratio of these acids fosters inflammation processes, also within the skin) – the ratio of these fatty acids may be improved by minimizing consuming food which is the source of omega 6 acids (peanuts, sunflower oil, etc.) and increasing the consumption of food rich in omega 3 (e.g. fat sea fish)

  • excess amount of refined sugars – sweets, sweet drinks, products made of white flour, fruit products like jams, marmelades and others which are the source of sugar are worth eliminating and including healthier alternatives in the menu, the best would be those which are the source of energy, as well as nutrients (vitamins and minerals),

  • trans fatty acids – they are included in confectionery, they are also created during frying for a long time. Limiting their amount in the diet may be a key factor in decreasing the tendency of creating new pimples.

Compounds which support the 'fight' against pimples, besides the omega fatty acids found in fatty fish, are following:

  • vitamin D – it's quite easy to suffer from its deficiency. Good news is that the body has the possibility of its synthesis under the influence of the sun light. Another source of vitamin D are fatty sea fish, eggs, whereas during an autumn-winter season it's good to support the diet with supplements.

  • Probiotics – we are used to taking them after the antibiotic treatment or during intestinal problems. It turned out that they can be very effective when it comes to decreasing the risk of spots formation.

What else should we remember about?

Lifestyle also matters – sleep deficit, no regular physical activity, stress and tension all around, all of these factors may cause creating pimples. That's why it's good to sleep well and find an effective way of weakening negative results of stress. At first, you can change relaxing in front of a TV or a computer into leisure activities.


To decrease the tendency of creating eruptions, which do not improve the appearance, one should act in a comprehensive way – not only by taking care of personal hygiene, but also by eating in a considerable way, and avoiding a seating-lying lifestyle, as well as sleep deficiency.