Do you want to gain shape? You won't make it with these methods!

It may seem that fitness clubs are getting empty nowadays – it's getting warmer, there are opportunities of going somewhere, parties... and the „shape”, theoretically already built, can be left aside for the summer months. You couldn't be more wrong! For many people this is the time when they start their work on their bodies, and their main motivators are the July and August holidays. The beginners, just like the summer breeze, come and go from the gyms – often disappointed with no expected effects. Perhaps they could achieve success if they knew the hints below...

 Buying a carnet is not enough!

It can be observed that there exist people who come to fitness clubs and, at the moment of buying a carnet, signing agreement or receiving a membership card, already feel that their bodies transform and gain – thanks to magic – dreamt shape.

What seems to be obvious for majority, isn't that clear for couch potatoes: you cannot write an equality sign between buying a carnet and getting great shape. When there is no basic element, which is hard work, disappointment and sadness come. And it was supposed to be so beautiful ;)

OK, you already have a carnet – make use of it! Ask an instructor in a club or consult a personal trainer to help you create a training plan and control if you do the exercises correctly. Of course, there are some people who think that the longer the workout, the better and faster the results, so they walk around for 3 hours – without any plan – and do hundreds of repetitions (mostly on the machines which strengthen abs, biceps, optionally – in case of ladies – thighs and buttocks). It's great that you work out, but if you do it wisely, it is highly possible that you will notice the results of your effort.

During a workout, it doesn't matter if it's in a fitness room or free weights area, always look at yourself. Don't pay attention to the following things: if others look at you, what load other people have, if you are in worse shape than others – you have job to do there. Everybody started once and were beginners. You expect effects – earn them!

Diet? I don't need any diet!

I exercise, therefore I eat (what I want and how much I want)! - words that many training people take as their own. The assumption is easy: I am active, I was at the gym, some marvelous equipment/instructor counted that during one workout I burn over 1,000 kcal, my body needs energy to live, so one little chocolate bar, pizza or beer won't do any harm. After all, you can do it because of the anabolic window after workout, because of catabolism, because of building mass, because of “speeding” metabolism... You must have heard plenty of such fantastic theories. It's worth looking closer at those who say them – they don't look like million dollars...

Therefore, you keep dreaming about “the life shape” - pay attention to what you eat, plan your meals, pay attention to the quality of food products, limit or eliminate processed food and alcohol. If you connect the nutrition changes with reasonable, adjusted training, you may be able to win the crown of the King of Ustka Holidays 2015.

You know few “musclemen” and you think that you will gain impressive looks thanks to them

You have a friend who doesn't necessarily look well (you could find disproportions, high BF, which he explains with “aggressive mass”), but he has been working out for at least a few years, makes impression that he knows some mysterious facts and has searched through the whole Internet. Although he is polite, nice and eager to share his experience, his advice (both, training and diet) is very doubtful. I'm sure he has good intentions, but think for a moment why you want to trust a person whose body seems to be screaming that something went wrong, that what he says and the methods he uses and tells others to use don't work.

Even if you are impressed with somebody else's shape, try to choose information and don't take everything for granted.