"I'm starting the diet on Monday"

Monday is the most often chosen day as the zero hour for starting any new plans and resolutions, including those connected with diet. What seems to be the reason why this day is so exceptional, and how to avoid typical mistakes connected with the preparations to changing current eating habits?

Monday - "the healthiest" day of week

There are scientific sources that suggest that Monday should be perceived as the day when everybody realizes the rules of healthy eating. There are valuable food products (or those which are supposed to be healthy) on the menu, and we are also more eager to take up additional physical activity. Why does it work this way? There is no single answer for that question, scientists who take care of this matter suggest that the weekend relaxation, often connected with eating excess amount of food, may motivate to undertaking measures directed on the health and figure improvement.
Monday is the day when the motivation and the level of engagement increases after a weekend break, and it is worth using this attitude.

Is Monday the best day to start a diet?

Against common opinions, it is impossible to state which day is the best to start the journey with healthy food and the improvement of the body aesthetics. It significantly depends on the individual abilities and predispositions, as well as the level of engagement. As far as the weekend can be characterized as a break from the rules of healthy eating, Monday seems to be noticed as the new beginning, something like a "small" New Year. It is the time when we want to atone all the Saturday-Sunday dietary sins and introduce change into the current lifestyle. Additionally, free time on Sunday afternoon helps to prepare appropriately to the nutrition struggle, plan the menu, think over the shopping list, etc.
Taking under consideration the arguments from above, Monday is quite a good day to change current eating habits. However, it is important to stay in the decision of change, and, as we all know, it isn't always that easy. We keep on doing the same mistakes. As a result, we resign, we feel disappointed and do not achieve our goals.

Between the theory and practice

The biggest problem connected with planning the change in current menu is connected with the practical part of its realization. I mean, that the zero hour is set, the action plan is well-thought, but it is not always implemented in reality, and even if it is, not every part of it is complied. Why does it happen? There may be few reasons, the problem may sometimes be low motivation (it is also known as a flash in a pan), it is very easy to find some excuses and exceptional circumstances that appear out of nowhere and make it hard to do some action towards the improvement of the body aesthetics.

Match the aims to your abilities

Another reason is the action plan, which can be mismatched with the abilities and needs of a particular person. Setting too ambitious aims, in comparison to reality, obviously fosters the discouragement and abandonment of any action.In such situations the next beginning is postponed to the next Monday. This practice may be chronic and last for many weeks, months, or even years (it's not a joke, many people function this way). In order to break the deadlock, it's good to consult a proper specialist: a trainer, a dietitian, or a psychologist who will help you create a real and possible to implement action plan, or will at least show the most critical points of your plan.

The Last Supper syndrome

Vast majority of people, who plan to introduce some changes in their eating habits, feel like saying good-bye to their favourite unhealthy food products. In practice, such actions are connected with celebrating sweets, fast food and gormandizing. Frankly speaking, the whole weekend before "the" Monday changes into a big feast when the common sense and moderation are forgotten. Theoretically, such behaviour should raise the level of motivation, but reality may be different. It often happens that when the set date arrives, the change doesn't come (because of the "unexpected circumstances" or other excuse) and is postponed.
If such situations happen often, it's good to work on the way of thinking and the attitude towards the eaten food products. Most of all, celebrating "the Last Supper" when we eat everything we want should be ended. Also in this case, the help of a specialist can be very precious, although the fact is, that for most of the people a self-reflection and drawing logical conclusions would be enough.


Monday is a very good moment for implementing changes to current eating habits. However, it is important to plan the actions in a rational way and match them to one's abilities, which can be limited by everyday duties. Against the common belief, "wanting" is not enough, you have to start acting without destroying current lifestyle. Setting realistic goals and rational action plans is the key to achieve success.