Noise is unhealthy!

Nowadays it's hard to escape from noise - it accompanies us every day, at home, at work, in a car, restaurant, etc. Unfortunately, it has become an integral part of our existence. We often don't know how badly noise influences our health and body aesthetics. Here you can find out how the exposure to noise can influence health condition.

Noise and sleep disorder

An undisturbed night sleep is necessary so that the body can function appropriately. It concerns the recovery matter, as well as hormonal issues responsible for feeling hunger and satiety. According to the scientists' observations, noise is one of the basic factors causing development of sleep disorder. Busy street, loud neighbours, or falling asleep in front of a TV may all influence the quality of sleep in a bad way - shorten the time of each sleep phase, increase the risk of waking up, make it hard to fall asleep or cause too early awakening. The consequences of sleep disorders are very extensive, they concern e.g. worsening mood or some cardiovascular problems.

Noise and mental health

Noise does not directly cause developing mental illnesses, however, it may increase the risk of developing the so-called latent disorders. Among the emotional ailments connected with the exposure to noise there are: lower immunity to stress effects, irritability, anxiety, migrenes, mood change and emotional instability, sexual impotence, neurosis, psychosis etc. It was also observed, that noise may strengthen the agressive behaviour, irritation and bad mood. It's worth knowing that unpleasant and loud surrounding may be particularly unhealthy for people with depression and other mental ailments because of difficulties with coping with stress.

Noise and cognitive functions

There's no doubt that the exposure to noise does not foster concentration. Additionally, the specialists point out, that it influences motivation, the ability of association and remembering  in a bad way. Particularly negative effects of noise, such as higher level of stress hormones and bigger difficulties with learning were observed among children.

Noise and waistline

It also occurs, that being in a noisy place may increase the risk of the body mass and composition problems. Men and women who live near a busy street, an airport or railway tracks, statistically speaking, are more prone to gathering body fat aroud waistline than others. It is suggested that high exposure to noise is connected with higher level of cortisol which is very important during gathering body fat in the central part of the body. Additionally, noise may indirectly make the work on the body harder by influencing negatively the sleep. It has bad influence on metabolism, the quality of food choices and it may lead to deregulation of the mechanisms responsible for feeling hunger and satiety.


Noise is the factor, which influences health negatively - both, mental condition, as well as physical condition, it may also cause problems with body aesthetics. That's why, if it's possible, we should avoid it.