"Alcohol is the biggest poison!"

Fans of Polish films must have noticed that the quotation in the title comes from "Hydrozagadka" and it was said by the fearless detective As warning from the destructive effects of the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Of course, we shouldn't exaggerate, one glass of wine drank during dinner will not destroy our bodies. However, uncontrolled drinking larger amount of such drinks (often connected with eating junk food) may have unpleasant consequences.

Enlarged pores, wrinkles, red skin, spots

The skin is grey, not so firm, older and unaesthetic when it is not moist. As it is known, alcohol is diuretic, i.e. dehydrating. Less skin flexibility also causes wrinkles and women (they must have noticed it after parties) observe cellulite.
Additional problem resulting from overusing alcohol may be lesions. Even for people with perfect complexion spots or blackheads appear, and for those who already struggle with acne, the symptoms may be even worse.
After drinking even small amount of alcohol beverages we can observe that our skin (especially nose, cheeks and ears) are getting red. It is closely connected with the fact that alcohol widens blood vessels. If we drink toasts too often, we take a risk that the redness of our faces will stay permanently (when alcohol is drank occasionally, the skin comes back to normal after a few hours).

Excess amount of alcohol - problems with the diet

Excess consumption of alcohol is often connected with the fact that we eat worse things and grab worthless food products, it also causes that some nutrients are absorbed worse - which has the reflection in the mood and outer appearance. The vitamins deficiency leave the skin with no protection, it becomes sallow, pale, wrinkled and more prone to infections (the immune system is weak). I suppose nobody will be satisfied with falling out, dull hair and weak nails - and that is the outcome of regular parties.